New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer Battles In Valhalla

Odin is going to be pretty pissed after seeing this new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer, his land of Vahalla is getting totally wrecked.


Swarms of monsters ripping each other to shreds, Shiva sisters  shattering everything… and Caius, was that meteor shower really necessary? Now there are massive holes everywhere. This is going to require one hell of a clean up job…

Source: Youtube



  1. Oh god yes yes yes!!! Can’t wait

  2. I hope thats the sequence for the new “Knights of the Round” equivalent!

  3. Like FF13 this looks and sounds awesome, I’m just hoping the game play is decent this time around :)

    • There you are! I never got my MW3 PSN invite *sobs*

      • :O Sorry! I haven’t really been on my PS3 recently. I’ll swing you an invite tonight!

      • Lol, no pressure!

        BTW – if you and the brother-in-law want to join a Clan (9 people from TSA so far), let me know your PSN IDs and I’ll send invites via Elite! :)

  4. Very adrenaline awesome packed trailer.

  5. Looking good, can’t wait. And is it me or has Lightning got hotter for this version?

  6. EPICCCC! This is going to be awesome. SE have listened to us for this one and I’ve got faith they will deliver big time.

  7. Final fantasy 13 was the first game I’ve played in the series so far so I’m well looking forward to this

  8. I got burned by 13. Going to wait for this to slide in value. I’ll give it 3 weeks then pick it up. Again not many gameplay vids.

  9. I cant wait for this, looking good

  10. Is there any way for Square Enix to make me want this game any more? I think not…

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