PS3 BF3 Owners Can Now Claim Free BF 1943

Electronic Arts has announced that “there have been some misunderstandings around Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield 3” and they intend to deliver the promised free copy of Battlefield 1943.

In fact, you can grab it this Saturday if  you are in Europe; Americans have to wait until December 10th and those in Asia the week after on December 17th.


To download your copy of Battlefield 1943 for the PlayStation 3 you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. Activate your Battlefield 3 Online Pass for the PlayStation 3 using the voucher included in the game (see step #5 for additional instructions).
  2. Visit on or after the dates outlined above for your region and log in with your Origin ID and password. Click here if you need help with retrieving your account information.
  3. Select your territory. Note vouchers do not work across regions.
  4. You will then receive a PlayStation 3 voucher for Battlefield 1943.
  5. input your voucher into the PlayStation Network store. Instructions below.
    1. From the XMB (cross media-bar) of the PlayStation 3 connected to a network, choose [account management] under the [PlayStation Network].
    2. From the menu select redeem codes.
    3. Enter voucher and select continue.
    4. Download Battlefield 1943.




  1. Ha, in the word’s of Lindsey Bluth from Arrested Development, just tell them you’ll sue them, it’s free if it’s just a threat.

  2. Good news for those who do not have it. Just hope some didn’t buy 1943 after they bought BF3

  3. Didn’t EA say that it would be included on the disc?

    I already have BF1943 so it doesn’t affect me but i can see some people being annoyed about this. Surely it would be easier just to enter the code into the redeem code bit as not all gamers have access to a PC and trying to do it via the PS3 browser could result in anger.

    • The wonders of Blu-ray, huh?

    • What do you mean Steve? You go online to get your code & then you do enter it into the redeem codes bit on your PS3. That’s what it says above anyway.

      I get what you are saying about the inconvenience of having to go online to get it, but i am just grateful in this day & age that they have held their hands up & are giving people what they were promised. Kudos to them really.

      • I meant, if they have to go to the site to get another voucher that it would be a pain on the PS3 browser. :)

      • It’s true, but on the other hand, how would you suggest that they get the codes to people in that case?

    • It would never have been on the disc. It would always be a download like Dead Space Extraction was.

      • Dead Space extraction was on disc I thought? same with Medal Of Honor Frontline.

      • You installed Dead Space Extraction from the disc, and you needed the disc in to play it.

  4. Was thinking of trading my copy pf B4 in, might not now, but then again, that is a bloody convoluted way of redeeming something!

    • I agree. As EA know those who have BF3 and play it on line (we log in to their servers using sign in information) they could just email the code to that email address.

      • It’s never that simple with EA anymore since they’ve got that Origin crap.

      • What about if the e-mail address is no longer used though – My origin details originate through an old e-mail address that i used many moons ago & now no longer use.

  5. Shame, I could do with a free copy but I didn’t buy BF3.

    • You can have my code if you want. I already own the game and will probably have a spare code come Saturday?

      • I will offer mine up in the forums

  6. Great news for PS3 gamers. Unfortunately 1943 is actually a better and more addictive game. If it had more maps, I would still be playing it instead of bf3.

  7. Misunderstanding? Where’s the misunderstanding?

    EA said that PS3 users would get BF1943 on disc. They announced this. Then when it didn’t appear, they said the 2 weeks exclusivity of DLC was “in lieu” of the free game. Which equates to reneging on a firm commitment.

    I’m glad they’ve seen sense and are giving gamers what they promised. After all, I know I bought BF3 on PS3 over the 360 version for the chance to give BF1943 a whirl.

    To come out and say it was a misunderstanding is bullcrap. They should have just owned up and said: “Yeah, sorry about that, thought we could get away with it but we can’t … here’s that game we promised.”

    • Yep, that is the top & bottom of it.

  8. Good news! I’d have prefered a disc version, but it’s good.

    Can’t help but feel this might have been an after-thought. Otherwise, why didn’t they clear up the confusion earlier and maybe get a few more BF3 sales?

  9. But it’s free. I can’t understand what people are complaining about. The game is good fun but the lack of chat gimps it. You now have the free game you were promised. You’ll not play it anyway and you’ll probably still complain.

    • It’s the internet, it was designed as a tool for complaining! :)

      I know what you mean, I think people are more complaing at the way they have gone about it.

  10. They need BF3 on Steam and an ingame browser before I’d consider it. The demo put me right off it!

    Shame really as the graphics on ultra were b-awesome!!

    • unfortunatley for ps3 gamers, the game is actually worse than the beta in some cases. So you aren’t missing anything if you didn’t like the demo/beta.

      • what exactly is worse then the beta? from what I’ve played of it i haven’t noticed any of the bugs that were present in the beta still in the final retail release.

      • I’ve noticed quite a few bugs personally, but mostly
        with the interface. Overall, the actual gameplay seems to be pretty smooth.

    • I wasn’t a fan of the Battlelog browser at first but I’ve gotten used to it and it’s actually much faster than using an i-game browser, especially when there are server issues.

      BF3 is without peer when played with a good squad, nothing can match it. Away from squad and teamplay though and it can be no fun at all. The downfall comes from attempting to cater to too many different audiences, leaving us with a game that sits in the middle somewhere, not hitting the note perfectly with any of the target audiences without effort on the part of the player to actively seek out the type of fun that they desire.

      • Well said judas! Totally in a league of its own when when working together to take out objectives/badguys! love it

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