‘Worms Party’ Dives Onto The App Store

Larry the worm has decided to take a nap. Unfortunately for him his friends are pretty evil, and have strapped a turbo engine to his back and fired it up. Off Larry goes, and it’s here where Worms Party starts.

The aim is to control Larry, who is constantly accelerating, and help him avoid obstacles by jumping in the air and diving underground. Stars are earned for completing objectives, and these allow you to progress.


I’ve spent a couple of hours with Worms Party so far, and it’s one of those games that gets right under your skin, almost demanding you play it over and over. Well worth the $0.99.

Source: Press Release



  1. More or less on topic. Anyone played ‘Cubes free’ on Android. Similar sort of thing but third person rather than side scroller.

    Can’t put it down. :D

  2. Jetpack Joyride meets Tiny Wings. I don’t like the art style, otherwise I’d probably give it a try.

    • Tiny Wings…. Now that’s a joy to play

  3. That looks atrocious! Hahaha. The music makes me want to take my own life (after killing everyone in a one mile radius) then finally expunge myself from this godforsaken planet in a roaring inferno of flesh-sizzling pain.

    *goes to make purchase* No, really. That’s just terrible! :-)

  4. I looked at the title and assumed it was another Team 17 effort.

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