Xperia Play’s Kasabian Football Gaming Live

Sony Ericsson has teamed-up with Kasabian and Umbro to highlight the Xperia Play’s growing catalogue of football games. The promotion sees Kasabian’s Tom Meighan going head to head with Aston Villa and England forward Darren Bent in a heavily modified, Xperia Play controlled game of real life five-a-side football. The actions see the Xperia Play’s buttons put to good use by converting button presses into voice commands which real life footballers receive through their headsets.

Kasabian Football Gaming Live highlights the Xperia Play’s ever-growing catalogue of football games, which now includes Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, the upcoming Real Football 12, and the highly anticipated FIFA 12, exclusive on Android from December 1st to February 2012.


It’s now time to pick; Team Tom or Team Darren?

Source: Via: Android Central.



  1. Interesting idea, I remember them doing the guitar hero football thing to Underdog by Kasabian but I’m on my phone so can’t find the link. And who could forget Serge’s goal on Soccer AM!

    Going to see Kasabian in Liverpool next week, going to be amazing.

  2. Poor Darren Bent got lumbered with a team of players who couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo!

    • Don’t you talk about England like that!!! :P

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