Ghanaian Devil May Cry Film Is Awesome

Friday News! Ninja Theory is currently reinventing Dante from Devil My Cry as a floppy haired emo kid but a Ghanaian film company is taking the series in a totally different direction.

Complete with a realistic ‘loading’ progress bar, behold the awesomesauce that is Obonsam Besu (Devil May Cry)!

Source: YouTube



  1. what the hell did I just watch… 0_o

    • that is word for word what i was going to write.

  2. mental.

  3. That looks so, so terrible.

  4. Words fail me… no wait, he comes one: Incredible!

  5. Devil may cry at the production values.

  6. Hahahah what the hell..

  7. Thankyou TSA, you just made my Friday Feeling complete!!! :-)

    • Excellent. I do like a good ‘Friday’ news item.

  8. HaHa! at 0:34 i thought it was turning into Benny Hill!

  9. Flying hammer into face. Instant classic.

  10. the Japanese have nothing on this shit

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