Community Round-Up: 26/11/11

This week, I figured I’d let one of our more enthusiastic community members, TheLoneSteven loose on a computer, and see if his inane ramblings turned out like Shakespeare… What follows isn’t really that far off!

Teflon was unable to wake up Gazzagb, so, being the crazy lazy man that he is, I’ve been asked me to fill in for Gaz. So I, TSA Lunatic General shall tell you what has happened this week in the world of TSA’s community. Also, cheese for everyone! Except you, Tef.

In the forums this week we have a new competition where you can win FIFA 12, if you can figure out where the ball should be in the picture. Good luck guessing!

Last week a passing Hobo donated a brand new copy of Skyrim and helped to run a comp for the TSA regulars in the forums. It was won by DaywalkerLiam, so congratulations, and don’t worry, I won’t run you over in a tank. Also, congratulations to TheBerzerka, who was announced on Twitter and in the forums as the winner of the iPad 2 competition. Personally I prefer the Banana Split 4000.

Then there was the last round up of the F1 championships before we go to the finals. Read all about who managed to make it into the last few qualifying spots. The final race will be next Sunday, 4th of December at 3PM. Good luck to everyone that made it!

I can see that Teflon is giving me the silent signal to move on from the comps, so I shall. The Community Team are apparently working hard on a few comps for both the front page and the forums, so feel free to stalk them and make sure they deliver.

Now, it’s time to see what you lovely bunch have been up to in the meets section of TSA. Although I could lie about there being no meets, but I see that Teflon has a wet fish in his hands and seems to be making a weird gesture with it, so I shall inform you of what meets have been planned.

Bodachi has set up an Uncharted 3 meet for 7pm tonight so sign up for it while there’s still time.  Tef’s also set up an Uncharted 3 meet for Thursday, meaning there’s loads of Uncharted 3 to go around. Just make sure you can beat Tef.

Tomorrow night it’s the regular SARBPC meet hosted by Death_in_Flamez, which is at 7pm. Also, GTOWN will be taking the TSA photo in his clubhouse in Home at 8pm. However, there’s more chances to get in the photos in the next few weeks, so don’t worry if you can’t make it!

On Monday, it’s the weekly Motorstorm Apocalypse meet by TheBerzerka at 8pm, so if you love to crash into TSAers, or feel like ramming them off the road and into a canyon, sign up. There’s also another F1 2011 meet at 7PM set up by Tonyyeb to practice for the finals.

Moving onto Tuesday, there’s the meet for Driver: San Francisco at 9pm by that crazy man known as Crazy Del, although I can out-crazy him any day of the week. It’s only for 4 people so you better hurry if you want to be a Driver with him.

Finally, Friday will have Death_in_Flamez’ Back 2 Back meet with Battlefield 3 at 7PM leading into Modern Warfare 3 at 9PM. Two of the biggest shooters of the year, so lend them a little love.

If you want to host your own meet, you need at least 250 points to do so. If I left any meets out then I apologise, and shall blame Gazzagb for it. [Don’t worry, I got yo back! – Tef]

This week, Peter went all gangster on us and reviewed Saints Row: The Third. He then stole everyone’s wallets afterwards to buy a top hat for his review of Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call; no other head-wear is acceptable for such a game. Super Mario 3D Land was reviewed by our trusty news editor and part time Thunder Cat, Dan Lee, calling our friendly neighbourhood plumber’s latest outing one of the best portable gaming experiences to date.

There were plenty of hands on features with Vita games this week, when our resident Nathan Drake-bot Kev Adsett visited London for a press event. He wrote stuff about MotorStorm RC, Sounds and Shapes and Escape Plan. Also, Peter did a Batman Arkham City book review on TSAtv, although it was lacking any content shot in the bath. He gave it a shiny gold star and said that Bat fans will like it. [Batman fans too – Tef]

A certain CaptainMurdo was interview by Teflon in last week’s Meet the Reader. Strongfury wrote in his Skyrim diary again, I think it is safe to say that our days are much safer than his days are; unless you stumble into the general chat forums, of course.

On last week’s Sunday Thoughts, Peter discussed the number 3; although I prefer other numbers. Alex told us how he thinks Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is not as bad as people as are saying it is, and got a fairly mixed reaction from all of you.

We found out what you all thought of all thought of Fifa 12 on WeView’s Verdict and for this week’s Weview, we want to know what you think of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I don’t know why Adam gets away with causing a revolution. I caused a revolution once, just once! I got sent to the Naughty Bar.

And now we dive into the inner sanctum of TSA also known as The Forums.

And that is all for this week. Remember, General Chat contains adult humour, the TSA GC regulars and man eating bunnies so avoid it if you like. Gazzagb or Teflon will return to terrorise us, provided he can get Gazzagb to wake up. I shall now go and draw some rude pictures on Gaz’s head with a permanent marker.

OK, so how about if I promise that this probably won’t happen again? A good scientist knows when never to repeat his experiments again!



  1. haha this is the secret project!?! I should have guessed. Very funny Steven :) Are you sure gazza is asleep or Steven has killed him?

    • Yeah it was. :-)

    • He was still asleep the last time i saw him. I may have put a crocidile in his room and may have smeared meat on his head. :P Thanks for the compliment.

  2. Looking forward to the Uncharted meet tonight.

  3. I need a headache tablet.

  4. Great round up Gazza! Nothing to do with my brace of mentions… Honest!

    • I had nothing to do with this weeks one! :P

    • Good to see you read it. :P

      • Ah! That explains the improvement! ;-)

      • Of course I should really apologise to Steven for not recognising his work. A masterpiece!

  5. Steven, this should of come with a health warning on it!
    Words cannot even describe this! ;)

  6. Who needs drugs when literature like this exists. Encore!

  7. Well done Steven. This guaranteed to get TSA a GMA!

  8. Think I’ve gone braindead…

    • Don’t you dare blame that on Steven! ;)

  9. Christ.

  10. This is, uh … I think unique is the word I should use here.

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