Lego Batman 2 To Feature DC Heroes?

Lego film site ‘BrickTuts’ has uncovered an image which shows Lego Batman will be back and he will be bringing his DC Universe pals along for the ride.

The advert seems to be from a magazine and clearly shows Batman and the Batmobile with the ever so cute Lego Superman flying overhead. In the background, Lego Joker and Lego Wonder Woman can be seen.

The advert seems to be legitimate, with the Travellers Tales logo, Warner Bros shield and the correct copyright notices but we have yet to hear any details of additions to the Lego Batman series.

Source: BrickTuts



  1. Is that Lex Luthors big suit thing in the background?

    • Note entirely sure. Looks a bit like it, hard to tell.

  2. press release for the toy line that will no doubt tie in

  3. looking good my boy is gonna love this one

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