Resident Evil 6 Rumours Roll On, Actor Lists Game

Looks like Capcom are but a press conference away from confirming Resident Evil 6.  Well, that, or a carefully strung out twelve month teaser campaign with lots of countdowns, silhouettes and pages upon pages of coverage.

Except, well, it appears that a certain actor might very well have spoilt the fun a little bit, listing the still unannounced game on his resume page, under Animation and Dubbing.


He’s worked on a lot of games, including the Tony Hawk series, Arkham City, Final Fantasy and Call of Duty, so he’s certainly no stranger to the medium and it would appear he’s rather good at his job, too.  Which is nice.

I’m curious as to what Aliens vs Ronaldinho might be, mind, assuming that’s just a typo.

It’s not the first time a CV has listed Capcom’s presumed zombie-blaster, mind, although teasers have been rife since July.

Source: NeoGAF via SiliconEra.



  1. Yay, Resi 6 :D

  2. At this point it would be a bigger surprise if they announced it wasn’t in production. We all know, get on with it Capcom.

  3. Return to survival horror roots please! :)

  4. Unless, my dyslexia gets the better of me, it looks as if he’s removed it. Already been shouted at perhaps?

    • Just looked at the NeoGAF, they have a picture, it was between steel battalion and combat wings. No longer there then. Either removed or it’s a photoshop job, which seems ultimately pointless to me. – Sorry for double post.

  5. That’s a pretty good list he’s got going there…

  6. If I walk up to a door, the screen goes black and some spooky footsteps flow from my speakers, I will be happy.

  7. Normal zombies again please, not tentacle faced ones! Don’t mind lictors and nemesis baddies, but the alien esque zombies from 5 didn’t do it for me. Didn’t like them in 4, but that game was so awsome in every other way!

  8. Only a matter of time. Can’t wait. Hopefully they take the awesome Chris/Jill DLC section from RE5 and go down that route :)

  9. I hope Resi 6 brings back the slow hard to kill zombies not Las plagas which should have been restricted to 4. I also hope it brings back the limited ammo thus forcing you to decide if you should try and run past an enemy or try and kill it.

    But i would like to see a new city and a new type enemy. If i see the running ones from Resident Evil extinction(which is not resident evil) then i won’t be happy. And co-op as it could be fun helping/causing the death of a TSAer. ;)

    • Which Resident Evil game allowed unlimited ammo? Not sure i have played that one.

      • I meant, ammo is more limited. Resi 4&5 threw that out the window and just had the ammo appear when you kill someone and in some places.

  10. Is this resume for real? I mean it lists inFamous as by EA, spells saboteur wrong and it doesn’t put the “Batman” in Arkham city

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