U4iA Sets Its Sights On Call Of Duty

Developer ‘U4iA’ (euphoria, geddit?) has Activision’s blockbuster franchise in its sights.

They aim to launch the first free to play, ‘AAA’, browser based, first person shooter and the development team is headed by the fabulously-named Dusty Welch, who knows a thing or two about shooters.

“I created Call Of Duty to dethrone the established leaders back in the early 2000s, and you bet my goal at U4iA is to repeat that success again,” said Dusty.

U4iA is aiming to exceed the 30 million strong user-base of RPG League of Legends. The FPS title is squarely targeted at ‘hardcore’ gamers and a tentative launch of mid 2012 has been suggested.

Source: GamesIndustry.Biz


  1. Big talk but how many times have we heard of a FPS that’s going to ‘dethrone’ COD? Will wait and see how this develops before getting too carried away!

    • Yeah, but just like in the movies, only the creator of a beast can actually defeat said beast. :)

  2. Why would they do such a horrendous thing with the title?

    • I could barely read the text because I cringing throughout at the U4iA thing. Ugh.

      • The words “browser based” confirm to me their ambitions are ridiculous, no way will a pc game ever eclipse the sales of a console game

  3. F2P AAA FPS Haha brilliant!

  4. AAA and browser-based?
    Is such a thing possible?

  5. “The FPS title is squarely targeted at ‘hardcore’ gamers” – CoD never was for hardcore gamers. If they are planning to do a game for HC gamers – than it surely will not dethrone CoD. CoD fans would buy CoD even if it would be MW1 with different character names and slightly changed character skins.

    • Beat me to it! Agreed on that.

      I feel people need to stop trying to ‘beat’ COD, it will kill its self over time. Just focus on making a fresh new game, that is good on its own merits

    • I reckon Uncharted and BF fans would do the same. (just to even things up and to stop the cod bashing)

      • sure, but i have no problem to buy also something new if it looks great and seems to be promising – am Uncharted fan, and BF fan hmm – kinda – am playing only BF only since BFBC2 and I like it very much. Have enjoyed the SP also, slightly more than MW3 – lesser spawn rates and bad scripts :). But yes, don`t try to beat it, just do your thing and try to do the best. I`m looking forward to Homefront 2 with Crytek supervision/development team. Homefront 1 had a great idea.

  6. Good luck to them. Going to take something very special to budge that cash cow off the FPS top spot.

  7. Very doubtful.

  8. how are they planning to dethrone CoD with a web based browser when the majority play it on consoles!

    • My thoughts exactly. Just PR nonsense i think..

  9. F2P is welcome but dethroning COD is a huge task.Lets wait for the final product to see how it fairs.

  10. Well… good luck to them, but I don’t anticipate this will be a success. I wish them the very best though.
    (as an aside… do we really need another CoD style game? surely the market is crowded enough as it is)

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