Urinal Video Games Launch In The UK

At the the start of the year we brought you news of the Sega ‘Wee’, a video game situated above a urinal which you play by, well, taking a leak.

Many of you laughed and commented ‘Only in Japan!’ but this is not the case. Wee-ing video games are now available at The Exhibit bar in Balham, south London.


The console system developed by British company, Captive Media, is slightly different to the Sega version in that it uses infra red beams to detect the, erm, stream, meaning the device can be retro fitted to any urinal. The system can also detect multiple areas of, er, spray, thus giving you what I can only describe as a p*ss joystick.

The first games include a skiing challenge and a multiple choice pub quiz. Those of you who are not easily embarrassed can post their scores to Twitter.

To watch a video of the games in action head over to the BBC

I’m off to hide in a cupboard in case Peter gets any clever ideas as The Exhibit bar is about five minutes walk from my house.

Source: BBC News



  1. Well, we obviously need a review… I’d steer clear of doing video for it though.

    • Can’t believe you didn’t go for ‘weeview’ then.

    • La la laaa not listening.

  2. Any word on the multiplayer ?… ;)

    • Do not ever say that again. -.-

    • Remember not to cross the streams!! :)

  3. that’s disgusting.

    honestly I am completely shocked.

    how are women supposed to play eh?
    this is totally sexist. O_O

  4. WTF!! Can this be bought, so I put it in my home bathroom?

    • Do you really have a urinal at home? That’s mental, nobody has a urinal at home!

      • I know quite a few people who do have urinals at their home. It’s not that unusual, especially in bigger homes with big bathrooms.

  5. I bet there will be an online pass for this. :P

    This is going to cause problems. I don’t fancy going to the nearest public loo just to see a massive queue just because someone is trying to beat the high score.

    I hate to think what the sequel will be. Plus when will the review be up Tuffcub? ;)

  6. Talk about taking the p***… will guys with prostate problems be accused of camping?

    • There’s too many jokes about this, but that ones just amazing!

  7. puntastic

  8. Anyone got the full trophy list for this?

  9. Skiing challenge with two blokes either side of you sounds quite worrying too!

  10. And the gaming jokes keep on flowing

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