Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Ezio Costume DLC

Did somebody say “crossover time”, yet again? If so, Square-Enix and Ubisoft were clearly listening as the next mash-up to hit the gaming world is a downloadable Ezio outfit in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Ezio’s duds will be an optional outfit for XIII-2’s hero Noel Kreiss, who will have to do a lot of work to convince us that he’s worthy of the assassin’s cloak.


Although there aren’t any screenshots of the crossover costume in action, here’s an artist’s tease of how Noel could look like as Italy’s finest:

Source: Press Release



  1. Cool stuff :)

  2. ???
    Not something many core Final Fantasy fans would be interested in, but there’s always some who’ll buy it.

    • I’ll be buying it if it’s cheap. The male lead looks like a knob so I’ll gladly hide him in a cloak

      • Unfortunately he’s still going to sound like a complete utter tool.

      • Bingo. This is exactly why I will buy this even if it’s ridiculously overpriced.

        Square Enix are great at making cute girls but Sir Auron was the last male character I actually liked, and X came out ten years ago.

      • @Peco- fortunately I have a wife who loves talking while I’m on my games so thats nothing a mute button and subtitles can’t fix ;)

        @MCE- Agreed. Auron was a bad ass! Though I personally loved Kimari (spelling?) too, despite him being terrible in combat lol. Self-destruct FTW :D

      • Where do I get a mute and subtitles button for my girlfriend?
        As for likeable male FF characters… I liked Sasz (not as a fighter in my team but personality-wise). *shrugs*

      • I agree, the FF games have had some pretty damn dislikable characters in the last few games. The only characters I actually like so far in XIII are Fang and Sazh

      • Yeah Kimahri (something like that) was awesome, I’m always quoting his “Kimahri will REND YOU ASUNDER!” line.

        Fang is also awesome, and Vanille. Aussie accents FTW.

  3. Wow, my first reaction after reading the headline was: Wtf Square Enix?
    But after seeing the concept art I must say I quite like it. The Assassin’s Cloak is definitely a nice piece of clothing and it seems to fit in quite nicely with FF’s style of armor.
    I just hope they keep the cross-over stuff to a reasonable minimum. I don’t want to see Just Cause kind of stuff in Final Fantasy…

  4. there’s a lot of this cross game, even cross publisher, stuff going on these days.
    this isn’t the first time an assassin’s gear has featured in another game either.
    snake got to wear Altiar’s outfit didn’t he?

    still, i think we’re a long way from seeing Soap MacTavish in Medal of Honour or Battlefield.

  5. If its a Pre-Order bonus, I will get. If I have to pay for this, no chance.

  6. erm…doesn’t really make sense to me, neither did the snake version to in MGS.

  7. Why? Seems a bit misplaced in a FF game in my opinion.

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