New ‘Rainbow 6 Patriots’ Concept Art

A fresh batch of concept art for Rainbow 6 Patriots has been making its way around the web and we have the shots below for all you lovely gamers to see.

While there’s really nothing all that new or exciting to be found in these screens, fans of the series that are patiently waiting for the next installment should definitely give them a look.

Source: Press Release


  1. Wow, if it looks anything even close to this it’ll be a big leap from the looks of Vegas 2. Hopefully the squad play will be just as tight, though Colonial Marines is the squad shooter I’m looking forward to the most.

  2. Hmmm, the last shot with that red holo display worries me. Rainbow Six has been at its best for me when it was realistic(ish). I hope this isnt going to go all Modern/Future warfareistic.

    • Yeah, they should all be wearing 3D specs ;-)

    • The preview on Eurogamer sounded brilliant, Ubisoft definitely know who their fans are and aren’t trying to make a COD beater, so I think your safe.

  3. looks like it’s treading into ghost recons shoe, why make 2 IPs so similar.

    • They’ve always had similarities but normally it’s the scale that sets them apart. If anything, GR has been encroaching on R6 territory as a result of the changing market tastes.

      As long as they’re both done well, there is room. After all, what’s another FPS in the vast ocean?

  4. love rainbow 6 cant wait for this

  5. Looks really good

  6. Been waiting a loooonv time for this.

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