3DS ‘Circle Pad Pro’ Dated

[drop2]Nintendo have dated Resident Evil: Revelations and, along with it, the Circle Pad Pro.

“Experience this intense survival horror which is only available on your Nintendo 3DS system when Resident Evil: Revelations launches across Europe on 27th January 2012,” says the press release.


The zombie shooter will be available as a stand alone game and as a “limited edition bundle” which will include a copy of the game and the new Circle Pad Pro accessory.

Sounds like Capcom really couldn’t get to grips with finding the sweet spot for 3DS’s input.

“Use specific button combinations for more effective or expert play, or as a traditional ‘twin-stick shooter’,” it says.  “You can also make use of the Touch Screen to solve puzzles, switch between weapons more easily and check out the labyrinthine map.”

The Circle Pad Pro will also be available as a standalone accessory across Europe from the same date.

“For more information, please visit markets to insert local URL,” says the PR, helpfully.



  1. Still expect a 3DS redesign, not gonna get one till then.

    • Me too, just can’t fathom buying a 3DS when there is even a hint that they will be integrating a second stick on to it.

      • Don’t worry though, I’m sure there will be, they’ve just done the same thing as the Wii motion plus attachment.. It’s now built in, but it was an add on before..

  2. This just keeps getting worse and worse.

  3. even more so than the price drop i’d say that thing is the biggest indication of how badly nintendo fucked up with the 3ds.

  4. its a shame Nintendo wouldnt consider an upgrade system , you send in your console , they add the extra stick and send it back instead of including a horribly looking stick it anywhere we can analog stick

    • I don’t think it would be that easy. You’d have to properly mod the case for every 3DS out there.
      A new model with an integrated stick would be their best option.

      • but that then burns every loyal customer to buy one so far , leading to the same situation the ipod touch faced with games coming out that one version could handle and another couldnt splitting the fanbase and leaving a sour taste for the people who wanted to support the original.

      • The difference is that you can get a 30€ upgrade for the 3DS but you’d have to get a brand new iPod Touch. The generation change with the iPods could better be compared to the DS to 3DS upgrade.

  5. its hideous! It doesn’t exactly look like it will fit in your pocket either.

    • They have also put the ‘circle pads’ in the wrong place they should be underneath all the buttons.

  6. All the palms on all the faces in all the world could not adequately represent how I feel about this.

    • That made me laugh out loud, great comment, I totally agree… It even means the screen isn’t central anymore.

  7. Absolutely disgusting. Odd sized circle pads and they should be underneath buttons, I hate imperfections like this. Glad Sony got it right.
    Nintendo should have added on the joystick ASAP ie months ago and let first time buyers send their 3DS in and exchange for the resigned 3DS.

    • they should have designed the machine with a second analog control from the start.
      then developers would know every user had it, right now they don’t and will be forced to create two control schemes for their 3ds games.

  8. That looks shockingly poor. Just get the 3DS redesign out for Xmas 2012, and Ninty may save what’s left of their dignity.

  9. oh great, now that i have forgotten about that abomination they feel the need to remind me about it.

    • Lol. Indeed, it looks like a 5-year-old designed the add-on. It seems to add 100% of the original size, not just the stick!

      • Yeh, instead of “by gamers, for gamers” it’s “by 5 year olds, for 5 year olds” lol

  10. I still can’t believe the thing is real. It doesn’t even have an official ‘look.’ It looks like a third party knockoff, a badly designed one.

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