Cheap PC Gaming: Crysis

Crysis has a sequel already, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to play around with the first game. By that, I mean if you like to experiment and generally play the game in ways other than that which may have been intended.

Honestly, I find it difficult to go through 20 minutes of Crysis without getting sidetracked, usually by a shack that’s just begging to be demolished. As you’re probably aware by now, I like throwing explosives at things, especially if that thing then falls apart in any kind of realistic way, so imagine my delight when I discover I can punch my way through walls or, better yet, throw an enemy through one.

[drop]There’s far more to Crysis than this though, the destruction being limited to shacks that you’ll find on your way through the game. If the building you’re in is made of concrete, for example, you’ll have to use the doors. Like a peasant.

However, as you’re probably well aware, Crysis revolves around the fancy nano suit, which may well be the mother of all toys. With this suit, you can jump higher, run faster, punch harder and survive longer than any non-nano suited up sap you come up against. It can even make your bullets do more damage, using ‘science’ that probably wouldn’t stand up to close scrutiny, so lets gloss over it instead of bringing it up in an obscurely humourous observation.

Naturally, there is a limit on these powers, as you wouldn’t want it to be too easy, would you? Using them eats through your suit’s energy, usually frustratingly quickly before you get the correct idea; the enhancements your nano suit offers are not meant to be used over extended periods of time. No, instead they’re supposed to be used in quick bursts to dispose of a group of enemies before they even know what’s happening.

Tearing towards an enemy, grabbing him, throwing him at another enemy and shooting the remaining enemy before finishing off the other two can get back to their feet can be done in just a few, adrenaline-filled seconds and can take advantage of at least 3 powers if you know what you’re doing. Alternatively, you can activate your cloaking and take them out one by one whilst pretending you’re a predator from, uh, Predator.

[drop2]Experimenting with the wealth of options open to you at all times is great fun, something rarely matched by other games. Once you’re accustomed to the recommended usage of your powers and to switching between them at speed you’ll be ripping apart groups of enemies like a hot knife through incredibly hostile butter. And then there’s the storyline, which features aliens and spaceships. It’s not the best storyline in the world by any measure, but how much justification do you really need to use fancy powers and shoot people?

All this is ignoring the fact that it’s pretty. Sure, it’s sequel has surpassed it, and so have plenty of other games, but hell, Crysis is still pretty with everything turned up. Plus, you get to say you can play the game that once brought genuine gaming PCs to their knees.

Crysis is £9.99 on Steam, specs are through the link.



  1. Love this game, it’s probably my favourite FPS. I prefer the PSN version though if I’m honest, sure it’s glitchy and worse looking but it still looks great on my tv and the platinum is easy (and fun to get). And it, combined with the summer heat, broke my laptop.

    I’ve always referred to the human enemies in Crysis as wang’s (thanks to a inappropriately named massage shop near me), so technically in that first photo you’re throttling a wang ;)

  2. Still tempted to pick this up on the PSN. 15quid seems a decent price for a pretty FPS, one that I’ve never played before and always wanted to.

  3. It’s a bit less on Origin. :-)

    • booooo

      • I agree, plus last steam Christmas sale I got the Crysis Maximum edition for £6. I only use origin for Battle field 3 because I have to.

  4. Dont forget the vibrant MOD community for Crysis. There are some crackers there

  5. Never touched the Crysis franchise until this year but Crysis 2 looked good enough for me to dive into. I need to get back to finishing Crysis (original) as I’m told I’m two-thirds of the way through.

    God bless Steam sales. I picked it up (with Crysis Warhead) for £7.

  6. I got this from a Steam sale but after the first 15 minutes I got bored and never came back. I might give it another go during a slow release window after I finished playing the other games that I haven’t finished yet.

  7. Yeah, i’m not even going to dream about daring to try and run it on my laptop. It would commit suicide if i tried.

    I had a mate who managed to run Crysis on his laptop for about a week before his laptop refused to play it any more.

    It seems like a FPS that i could enjoy. :)

  8. I think ‘Cheap PC Gaming’ just jumped the shark. :P

    No way my laptop could run this. I will pick this up on PSN soon enough though.

    May I recommend a good, cheap and fun PC game that’ll run on nearly any modern PC?
    Dungeons of Dredmor.

  9. Is it worth getting on the PSN? :)

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