Fan-Made BioShock Video Teases BioShock Movie

It was only a couple of weeks ago that our fearless leader reported the BioShock movie likely still being a long way from hitting the silver screen. Unfortunately, that wait is about to seem even longer thanks to a fan-made teaser trailer that popped up on YouTube under the name ‘TheBioShockMovie”.

While this type of thing isn’t normally considered news-worthy, the video does such a great job capturing the feel of the BioShock universe in such a short amount of time that we thought it was worth passing on to any fans of the series.


Have a look.

Source: YouTube via Joystiq



  1. Nice. I love the BioShock universe, it’s probably one of my favourite game series this generation. I look forward to the third instalment a lot.

  2. i’m starting to like all those old songs thanks to games like the bioshock and fallout series.

    anyway, that was pretty cool, like you said, it got the feel of the games down pretty well.

    you know these things are done well when you wish you could see the rest of the movie. ^_^

    • All the songs in Bioshock and Fallout are out of copyright so anyone can use them for free, saving Bethesda and 2K a fortune in license fees. Cunning.

      • I too love all the music style on Bioshock and Fallout. Also have a thing for the LA Noire soundtrack too. Jazz 1950’s style :)

  3. Great trailer. Wasn’t aware that the film was delayed but now it can’t come soon enough.

  4. I’m liking this, I’d happily watch a film length version, although not if they just put this in ultra slow motion so it was two hours long…

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