Ruffian Games Working With ‘Big Name Publishers’

Ruffian Games, the developers behind Xbox 360 exclusive Crackdown 2, are working with ‘some of the biggest publishers in the games industry. ‘

Industry Gamers noted that the Ruffian Twitter feed posted an advert for an environmental artist to work on a new “AAA game for current generation consoles.”

The Tweet has since been deleted but the job advert remains on the Ruffian website.

So what can we gleen from this non-news? Well if Ruffian are working a game for ‘consoles’ (plural) then we can rule out Crackdown 3 as Microsoft own the license.

That’s about it.


Have a picture of an Easily Amused Seal as way of an apology.

Source: Industry Gamers


  1. That’s the most energetic seal that I have ever seen.

  2. Loved Crackdown, and 2 was good as well, but not as good as the first. Still, look forward to anything they do :)

  3. if you look for ROFL in the dictionary you find that picture. ^_^

    anyway, they need an environmental artist, they obviously didn’t have one for crackdown 2 as it looked like they just recycled everything from the first game.

  4. Well, that picture of a seal made clicking on this post worth the effort. Id consider that personally a curse rather than a blessing, but I guess one mans pain is another mans pleasure…

    *imagines executives whipping employees*

  5. Tried Crackdown at friend’s house and i think it was okay game… I love that picture ROFL :]

  6. Couldn’t Sony have bought some of the license. Might the unlikely and ludicrously expensive, but not impossible..? Maybe? A little?

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