Rumour: EA Working On Dead Space FPS

When you’ve got a great IP, you want to expand on it. Despite only two ‘main’ games, the Dead Space franchise has already grown pretty diverse with an animated movie, comics and spin-offs  helping to strengthen the brand.

There are no plans to stop there, however, and publisher EA has been in discussions as to how they can expand Dead Space’s influence further. What they’ve supposedly come up with is a first person shooter set in the Dead Space universe, which is already in development according to a Kotaku insider.


Not only that, but EA are supposedly working on a Dead Space flight sim too. Details about it are sparse though, but hopefully you’ll get to pilot spacecraft akin to the infamous Ichimura in full-blown space battles.

The expansion doesn’t stop there either, oh no, for once both of those projects are complete the Dead Space team will apparently move towards making an “Uncharted-like game.” Unlike the other two projects, work on this has not yet started and still in the early planning stages.

Further insight from the EA insider suggests that a recent management shuffle almost killed off the still unannounced Dead Space 3, because the main entries in the series don’t sell well compared to other heavy-hitters.

Dead Space 3 is apparently still coming though, with co-op play to boot. The whistleblower says that the game will be set on an ice planet, backing up previous rumours that it will take place on Tau Volantis.

Source: Kotaku



  1. I don’t think for the flight sim you’d be piloting something the size of the ichimura, that’d be strange! Would be like steering an aircraft carrier. This all sounds quite interesting, as long as they keep the main games a similar format, other spin offs are more than welcome.

    • I actually didn’t think of size when I wrote that comparison, but you’re right, an Ichimura-sized ship would be unwieldy to say the least…

      • Not necessarily. It would, after all, be a flight sim set in space. There’s plenty of room up there, without any of that bothersome friction to slow you down – nor gravity, for the most part.

        It would be epic if they made an effort to implement realistic controls properly based upon the laws of physics.

      • just think of the pilots who barrel roll a boeing 777 :)

      • Just thought I’d mention on an unnecessary pedantic note, it’s spelt Ishimura. Sorry to be an A-hole…

  2. Read this bit of news on another site earlier and I can’t really understand why everyone is getting so menstrual about it. Providing they still bring out “proper” Dead Space games from time to time I have no problem with them taking a (now) popular franchise and trying out some different genres with it. Extraction for example was awesome in my opinion :) (though to be fair, the less said about “ignition” the better…)

  3. Not entirely sure how you translate the horror of Dead Space to a flight sim, unless whilst you are piloting an necromorph jumps out from behind the HUD now and then.

    • Big, giant, floating necromorph’s in space?

    • I’d be absolutely terrified if someone actually put me in control of a real life fighter jet. Also, it doesn’t say its going to be a horror flight sim, just that its set in the same universe.

      • If you apply that logic then you could also have a game where you raise ponies on a rainbow covered planet that happens to be somewhere in the Dead Space universe. :D

      • As long as they are necromorph ponies, that’s fine. :)

      • Worst comment of the week/month/year/decade/century/millenium by kerash? I think so lol, where in the dead space universe is this ridiculous rainbow covered planet? The (lack of) logic you’ve (not) applied to your comment is nothing to do with the logic that was applied in mine. You’re talking about inventing a new, stupid sounding location to try and make me sound daft, yet all you’ve actually done is make yourself look a bit dumb, talking about logic yet applying none yourself.

      • Although he did come up with the idea for necromorph ponies (or was that me?)! :)

      • You got me. My devious plan to make you sound daft was ruined. Now I have to get back to the drawing board in my evil lair and come up with a new plan.
        You might want to get your sarcasm detector checked out. ;)

      • You might want to get your needless shitty comment detector out and take a look at it, it appears to be creating needless shitty comments when it doesn’t need to.

      • Jeez, relax. I wasn’t trying to tease you or anything. I’m sorry if it came across the wrong way. I thought TSA regulars understood some light hearted humor. My bad.

  4. They would have to work really hard on the fPS game to get it right. Keeping the same atmospher of the 3rd person aspect will be difficult. I can imagine they can get us just as skittish and jumpy as the other games, but the way the character moves and at what speed would need to be done the right way.

    • Yeah, although what i played if extraction was pretty good

    • Who says it needs to be survival horror?

      It could be set as part of a war with the Church of Unitology, with the necromorphs introduced in the flood style from Halo. Personally I would prefer if they didn’t try to make the FPS all about survival horror, the game universe as a whole could only benefit from some different variety and perspectives.

    • FPS games can definately be tense at times. Condemned and FEAR are two of the best games I’ve played, especially the former :) That said I agree they would probably have to ditch the Zero-G jumping, etc.

  5. Great. there’s a lot of potential in the universe and these are both directions that have the ability to bring something new and exciting to the universe, if done correctly. If they’re not done correctly? Who cares, it’s not like I have to buy them.

    The flight sim especially has got me excited, I need it now dammit! :)

  6. I enjoyed the first game but not the second one so a change to FPS might get me interested in it again.

  7. Only played the second and watched the first in youtube clips. I welcome other Dead Space spin offs (I’ve played a little of extraction which is cool) especially a FPS. But would wan’t them to keep Dead Space 3 to the same story and gameplay.

  8. Im looking forward to a mario kart clone

  9. I think a Dead Space FPS could really work as long as they don’t try to force the horror of the original franchise too much on the game. A Haloish kind of approach would be cool.
    As for the flight simulator… Do these games still sell enough copies nowdays? If they want to make a flight simulator that’s fine but incorporating it in the Dead Space franchise seems like a case of expanding the franchise to milk the cow, not because it would be a natural progression of the brand.

    Dead Space 3 with coop? Local coop or I will high five someone… to the face… with a brick shaped object… that’s made out of brick… twice!

    • You better start stocking up on bricks – Local co-op is more of a fable than a reality in this gen! :)

      • Speaking of bricks: LEGO Dead Space. Called it.

      • 1. I know and it pisses me off.
        2. Lego Dead Space? Amazing… but probably not going to happen… :P

  10. If they could get Dead Space FPS working like a F.E.A.R title, it would be fantastic. Would be nice to keep Issac to the main series of games though and perhaps introduce another character for the FPS segment of the series.

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