“Full Scale” South Park RPG Announced for PS3/Xbox 360

The January cover for Game Informer has been revealed, and it looks like gamers are in for a trip to South Park! Written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who have collaborated with THQ and Obsidian, South Park: The Game has been touted as a “full scale” RPG for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

“As the new kid in South Park, it’ll be up to you to make friends and defend the town from a wide range of threats.”

Heck, as long as you can still fire chickens from a bow then count me in.

Source: Game Informer 





  1. This could be amazing!

  2. They should make the whole RPG based on Lemmiwinks adventures lol.

    “A great adventure is waiting for you ahead, so hurry onward Lemmiwinks or you will soon be dead….The road ahead is filled with danger and fright, so push on dear Lemmiwinks with all of your might”

    That’d be class haha!!

    “I am the Sparrow Prince.Take with you this helmet and torch, it will guide you on your way”

    Wiki leaks as the end boss of course

  3. The Tale of Scrotue McBoogerballs would be an amazing main questline :P

  4. It has potential, there’s certainly plenty of material there for characters, quests etc. Only thing i’m wondering is will they write new dialogue or will it be lifted staight from the episodes.

  5. This sounds excellent. Can not wait. I can remember playing the original when I was younger and it was good… I’m a major fan of RPGs and love the TV series so this is gold :D

  6. I think It will probably be a lot like that Time Scahfer game(Can’t remember the name!!!)

  7. I want to try and negotiate with cartman!

    Your breaking my balls!

  8. I do love South Park but, like family guy, I don’t see it making a great game


    • da tk orrrr jjjjjjjwwwww’sss

      • Derp a derp a derp. Rob Schneider is a carrot!

  10. This could be cool, though I hope Obsidian manage to make a game less buggy than Fallout New Vegas.

    • Lol – Kinda off-topic isn’t it?? :D

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