LOTRO Players Aid Theodred In New Rohan Content

Turbine has recently released a new batch of screenshots, teasing the upcoming Rohan content available in free-to-play MMO, The Lord of the Rings Online.

Players who travel to the new region of Dunland will be able to enrol as an aide to the ill-fated Prince Theodred, son of King Theoden, as he holds back the scourge of Isengard and persistent tribes of wildmen.

Source: Massively


  1. Oh – I thought someone had fallen asleep on their keyboard whilst writing the title.

    • A quip at my hasty wording or didn’t you understand the acronym?

      • Lol – A bit of both tbh! :)

        The ones that stood out for me were LOTRO, Theodred & Rohan as they all looked like thay should have been something else at first, but i completely understood once i realised that LOTRO was Lord Of the Rings Online (it was the ‘O’ that threw me really).

  2. Sweet, never knew it was free to play. Hopefully my PC is up to scratch.

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