Pandemonium 1 and 2 Rated for PSOne Classics

It seems that both Pandemonium and its sequel are heading to the PSN in Europe, as they have been rated by PEGI.

Featuring 2.5D graphics, these two platformers gained quite the following back in the 90s. I remember playing the original on my N-Gage.


Yes, I had an N-Gage; what of it?

Source: SiliconEra



  1. Never played the second one but I got the first along with Crash Bandicoot and TombRaider with my PS1. All three were awesome games. Devs don’t make ’em like that anymore :)

  2. Yuuuuuus! Awesome news.

  3. What the hell is 2.5D graphics?
    Surely it should be either 2D or 3D. Is this a typo, or am I just ignorant?

    • 3D games that play as a 2D game would basically. Games like Shadow Complex, Gradius or Little Big Planet class as 2.5D I do believe.

    • Wasn’t it a 2d platformer with a hint of 3d? like, you could jump into the background etc? I cant really remember. I know I had Pandemonium 1 on the ps1 though

    • 2.5 generally refers to something like LBP where it is essentially on a 2D plain (albeit with 3D character models), but you have additonal layers to the dimensions (like coming more into the foreground, or into the background for example).

  4. ‘PSOne Classics’ I LOVE those words;) The PlayStation brand is the BEST;)

    All we need is more(i.e a LOT more, LoL) ‘PSTwo Classics’ on PSN:P Saying that we still need a lot more ‘PSOne Classics’ on PSN still:D + hopefully ‘PS4’ can play all those PSOne&PSTwo Classics that are on(& coming to)PSN? If not do we have to start all over again… :D

  5. I have Pandemonium on my iPad, still love it and think its as mental as it always was.

  6. Aww, I loved Pandemonium, that and Wipeout were my favourite games when I was little. Just watched the intro on Youtube, nostalgic.

  7. Me and my girlfriend of the time used to love Pandemonium ….. ah Jenny whatever became of you … !

  8. i had an N-gage too, i mostly got it for tomb raider.

    anyway, i remember the pandemonium games.
    they were pretty fun, that jester guy creeped me out a bit though.

  9. One of the first games i remember playing on PS1 and it was a favourite at the time.

  10. My mother loved this game.

    she and i both have fond memories of sitting in the lounge room with my brother and sisters and just playing that game to death.

    i also recall my oldest sister being so into the game that she would actually write down every password she got in the game just so that she would not have trouble finding her spot (just like what she did with the original Crash Bandicoot)
    the time before save points people, when paper actually meant something.

    of course our family is not like that any more (screw growing up!) but im sure if we all did still live together we would play this game again as a family and have just as much fun.

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