BP ‘Keeping An Eye’ On Games

Over 300 BP petrol stations were open at midnight to sell Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3′ and the fuel company has said it is ‘uniquely placed’ in the market.

By that, we assume they have a cunning business plan, not that they’re the only videogame retailer off exit 14A on the M6.


David Pitron, BP’s UK retail trading director, has been speaking to MCV and said,

We have had mixed success in games, for us it is the big releases that seem to work. Selling the day-to-day ranges is not a profitable business for us.

Although, with the problems on the High Street for entertainment retail, we may be uniquely placed to be the most convenient outlet to exploit potential fallout there.

It’s an interesting move for the company, and one that could be quite profitable. Much like the supermarkets, BP already has a massive network of stores in prime locations with a steady flow of customers. 

Would you be happy to pop down to BP for a pint of milk, twenty quid of petrol and Mass Effect 3? Let us know in the comments.

Source: MCV



  1. “Pump Number 5 and a copy of Battlefield 3 please”

    • Haha, it’s a weird combination, but if it works for them.

      • To be fair to them, I would much prefer to go to a petrol station at midnight for a big release rather than trecking to a GAME or Gamestation. Can pick up my munchies and a crate of redbull while im there too.

      • here here omac, it’s precisely that logic that saw me switch to tesconians for midnight launches.

  2. i don’t drive so a petrol station is not the kind of place i’d go looking for games.
    unless they were like really cheap.

    and they were open at midnight for MW3?
    don’t many petrol stations stay open 24hours a day?

    and who’d go to a midnight opening at a petrol station for a game anyway?

    • People who like to get high on petrol fumes?

      • you can get high off those? O_O
        they just give me a headache.

      • I wouldn’t know about that …

        *looks around shiftily*

  3. Nifty idea. I hate driving into a city centre and paying high parking prices just to buy a new game, so being able to avoid that crap would be nice.

  4. I wouldn’t support BP in any way after the oil leak. I’d rather pay more and support a local game store or just get it from Amazon. *shrugs*

  5. I rather go to my local tesco as i don’t drive and it’s 15 minutes away from me. Plus, i reckon some people will end up forgetting to pay for the petrol when they see a certain game they want in it. ;)

  6. When I buy a game new it’s usually the special edition I’m after, so this sort of set up likely wouldn’t work for me.

  7. Good thinking by BP, next I will be trading copies of COD with that 50000mts of Gasoil lol

  8. Sounds like a pretty good business idea to be fair. If for some reason you’re unable to grab a copy in store, or just don’t fancy the line, just pop into the petrol station, which is often placed en route outta there.
    I could probably do this, as I don’t anticipate anyone else will be, and thus I won’t be waiting around in queues.

  9. What are the prices like in BP garages?

    • BP = B.loody P.ricey!


    • A lot of the time they make more money from the shop than they do from the petrol. My nearest BP garage has a M&S food!

  10. Goodbye ol Game, Hello Game stores…. er with the nicest crap money can buy, Om nom nom popcorn and Crispy M & Ms

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