Name The Enemy In The New Futurlab Mini

The ever so lovely Futurlab chaps are running a competition in which you can name the enemy in their new space shooter PSN Mini game.

The enemy craft fly in “attractive (but terrifying) formations, shoot at you quite a bit and have a tendency to swarm.”


Apart from seeing their winning name in the game the winner will get a copy of the game “plus any other goodies we can find at FuturLab HQ.”  We are hoping they will throw in a packet of Custard Creams.

To enter the competion (and you had better get your thinking caps on to beat my entry of ‘The Kinky Spanglemonkeys Of Distant Smoothothia’) Click HERE.

Source: FuturLab



  1. Wont bother, I’m never going to beat that Tuffcub lol

  2. Hmm, might give this a pop later. Not very good on the old thinking front though.

  3. Gave it a go, I wouldn’t mind getting some free goodies.

  4. Thanks guys!

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