Capcom Preparing For Huge Monster Hunter 3G Sales

Capcom’s power-selling franchise is set to make its 3DS debut later this week with Monster Hunter 3G, Andriasang reporting that the publisher will be shipping 420,000 for the game’s launch. Almost a quarter of the units shipped will be Slide Pad Bundles, containing not only a copy of the game but Nintendo’s official bolt-on thumbstick peripheral, with an additional 20,000 being 3DS bundles.

For those in the dark Monster Hunter is an action-RPG focused on resource gathering and the slaying of huge beasties, best known for its incredibly addictive four-player co-op. Despite being a slightly-enhanced port of 2009’s Monster Hunter Tri, 3G is still expected to sell big, Capcom’s HD re-release of Monster Hunter Portable 3 having racked 287,829 sales in its first week alone.

Source: Andriasang


  1. Really hope that MH 4 won’t be 3DS exklusive :(

    • Same here. I bear no fanboy allegiances but Monster Hunter 4 would be immeasurably better for the Vita than the 3DS.

      • I can only agree with this, with the ability to vastly improve the visuals and natural twin-stick controls, I know which version I will plump for every time.

      • Also if it was on the Vita there would be much more change of a port to the PS3, which would be a huge bonus for someone like me who isn’t a huge fan of portable gaming and thus is undecided about getting a Vita.

      • I’m not so fussed about visuals and having to fork out for the extra thumbstick, it’s the online that I’m most keen for and from what I’ve seen the Vita multiplayer potential far outweighs that of the 3DS.

  2. Yeah man! It would b a bad move if they didn’t bring monster hunter 4 out on PS Vita! Sales would b higher for vita than 3DS for sure. Also it’d b nice if they actually bring it out in English! Cos playing monster hunter portable 3rd in Japanese wasn’t as fun as it could have been!

    It’d also b nice if they actually released monster hunter tri 3G for us here in UK!

    • And the same goes to Resident Evil:Revalations…

  3. I wouldn’t be surrprised if they sold out of those pretty fast. 3DS owners will surely lap up such a popular franchise. I would like to see a version made for the HD consoles.

    • I think I read that the pre-orders are on about 400k.

  4. I’m guessing I’m very much in the majority having never played Monster Hunter?

    Hopefully I won’t upset anyone with my ignorance but a quick Wiki check suggests it is a bit like Pokemon?

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