PS3 To Be Aimed At A Younger Audience

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s new head honcho, Jim Ryan, has said that the company is to start directing their efforts at attracting a “younger demographic” for the current flagship console. This would closely emulate what Sony did with the PS1 and PS2 as they reached the midway point of their ten year life cycles and were replaced by new consoles.

There’s going to be tons of great stuff for the core gamer but from our own studio, third parties there’s some quite interesting stuff happening in a number of areas which would allow us to open up a market that we accessed pretty successfully on both PS1 and PS3 but haven’t yet got to on PS3

It should be stressed that Ryan also attempted to make it clear that so-called core gamers wouldn’t be affected by this but in the past, this shift has come along with new hardware and a slimming down of core experiences on the console in question. It’s going to be a very interesting year ahead.

Source: OPM



  1. It makes sense, particularly when the PS3 will be Sony’s No. 2 console & not their prime one.

    Hope it works out better for them than when they did something similar with the PSP & then released the purple one along with Hannah Montane followed by…. errrm…. not much.

  2. Don’t really feel botherd by this, feels like it’s got to that point again (as stated in article). Give it a year and we’ll be looking for the next gen.

    • Agreed. This is the way Sony has been doing things and so far, so good. We can’t forget that it was this period in the PS2’s life cycle that we were introduced to Buzz. One of the best trivia games IMO.

  3. So long as we get some great exclusive/third party games to go along with what I assume will be more dance/singing/fitness games then I’m cool with that.

  4. nothing wrong with this, they should do it earlier IMO.

    • They maybe think that the PS3 is now at the right price to appeal to the younger market.

    • Agreed, fella.

      It’s a solid move by Sony and since when have they NOT looked after us on the PS1 and PS2 (with core games). We’ll be fine and the injection of more family-friendly titles can only help grow the user base and bring to blood to our beloved titles. Tempt them in further and make them Day 1 purchases for the next gen.

      Also, we can see how Sony want to make sure we know that we won’t be treated like Microsoft appear to be treating their fanbase.

  5. Hopefully it will affect the core gamer…..might be able to catch up with my backlog of games!

    Mind you, I think FFXII, Okami and some other decent games on PS2 came out quite close to the PS3s release, so the decent games might not let up!

  6. Well, As long as the next big exclusive PS3 announcment isnt “Kratos does Disneyworld”, Im happy.

    • Might not be so bad if it’s a homage/parody of “Debbie does Dallas”

      • A sex mini game where Kratos has his way with Sleeping beauty, Snow White & Pocahontus? Boom! Sony, sign me and Nocure-fd up! We just thought up your next smash hit!

      • Is this with Move? Because now I’m getting ideas on what they can be used for too.

  7. Kinda good, gotta get the younglets into gaming! I do hope they carry on with the games everyone else likes though too..

  8. they say core gamers wouldn’t be affected, but i recall ms saying almost exactly the same thing.

    and what are they putting out these days?

    kinect games and halo and not much else isn’t it?

    • We already have Starhawk,Twisted Metal,Dust 514,FF13VERSUS,The Last Guardian,Ni No Kuni,Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time,Journey,Yakuza: Dead Souls,Final Fantasy VI + some more HD remakes.

      So I would say that 2012 is safe ;) + Tis Saturday a new exklusive will be showed. I’m also sure their will be some more.
      Then 2013 it’s PS4 launch!!!(Yes when I say it will launch 2013 it will).

      • Good point. If we only get the announced titles already in development then we will still end up having a moderately full gaming calendar.

        Also don’t forget the non exclusives like Mass Effect 3 and FF XIII-2, they’re still worth looking forward to.

        With the number of studios that Sony owns I don’t see them pulling a Microsoft.

  9. I really hope this doesn’t mean that we will see an increase of Shovelware. As long as the games aimed at kids are excellent then i think everyone won’t mind, plus it could mean that the Move will be use more for some kid games. :-)

  10. We got 2 kiddy consoles out now i.e the Wii & the xBox360 :D
    Hopefully the PS3 has at least 2/3 more years of amazing cool adult exclusives to come:P

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