Sony Use Move & PS Eye To Create A Holodeck

Sony asked UK-based agencies, ‘Studio Output’ and the fabulously named ‘Marshmallow Laser Feast’,  to produce a series of shorts around the theme “great films fill rooms”.

A technique called “projection mapping” was used and the team connected a Steadicam to a number of Playstation Move controllers that were in turn watched  by a number of PS Eye cameras.


The videos below were produced in real time with no additional CGI or post production enhancement.

Source IDG



  1. Love it, though sadly Steadicams don’t come cheap ;-)

    If this existed in my home, I could pretend to my better half that I had actually tidied the lounge when promised ;-)

    • Hmmmmm, clearly overdid the winky smileys there.

    • you can build your own steady cam for just a few quid.
      There’s some easy to build and some more complex, but all can be built using spare parts or for a very reasonable price.

  2. Looks realy cool, would be great for kids tv shows etc. too.

    • Like Knightmare in the 80’s/90’s – oops showing my age there.

  3. The guys in the spandex gimp suits are hilarious.

    Seriously cool idea, needs more TIE Fighters.

  4. Love the holodeck one, seriously cool!

  5. These are just fantastic, it really works amazingly well, although only from the steadicams view. If actually implemented, I’m sure it would look great for the person who was the primary user, but in much the same as the parallax barrier 3D method, viewers on the periphery would be less pleased. These videos really look great though. Got to love Marshmallow Laser Feast too!

  6. can someone please explain, in layman’s terms, what i just saw there? my mind boggles at it all…

  7. Very impressive.

  8. That is some seriously awesome projection mapping.
    Imagine that in a cinema?!

    If you want to check out other samples, I can hit you with some links
    – typically it’s been used for large scale car ads on the sides of buildings.

  9. I… Ermm, wow.

  10. This is awesome

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