New Resistance 3 DLC Has Co-Op Survival

Insomniac’s sci-fi shooter is expected to get its first batch of DLC this week in the form of the “Bruatlity Pack.” For $3.99 PlayStation fans can bag themselves a new survival mode suitable for 1-2 players; set in a slightly darkened version of the Glamorgan multiplayer map, you will have to gun down as many Grims as they can before you are eventually overrun.

Slightly detached from the rest of the Resistance 3 experience, the mode will also have its own soundtrack courtesy of US metal band, Mastodon, with seven tracks in total being taken from albums The Hunter and Blood Mountain. Players will also be able to get to grips with an all-new weapon, the sledgehammer, perfect for pulping any Chimera within close range.

The Brutality Pack sounds like a nice little deviation from what we have come to expect from DLC aimed at first person shooters, especially at the given price.

However, with Resistance 3 sporting the best competitive multiplayer in the entire series, some fans will be left waiting to get their post-launch content fix.

Source: G4TV.


  1. Actually looks really fun to play, but the multiplayer hasn’t really grabbed me and I would think that quite of lot of people have traded this in by now.

  2. The sledgehammer will be available in multiplayer too, for those who buy the Brutality pack.

    Also, Insomniac are unlocking a new 8 player DM map called Bunker at the same time, which I think is free. All this was gleaned from @insomniacgames on twitter

  3. Nice to see some reasonably priced DLC again.

    Thought the R3 campaign was disappointing, however the multiplayer was better than I thought, and much improved from the Beta – so might try this!

    • “Nice to see some reasonably priced DLC again”. – Ain’t that the truth :)

      Overpriced DLC seems one of the quickest ways to fragment a games community and shorten the titles lifespan in my opinion. Knocking it out cheap and getting a higher adoption rate seems a better idea to me and if Gabe Newell is to be believed, should yield similar revenue. Customer wins, devco wins, yay!

      • Exactly. I could not have worded it better.

  4. hmm would have been alot more fun if it was 4 or atleast 3player co-op instead of 2 :s.

  5. R3 didn’t really hold my attention for long but i do like this type of DLC as it’s suitable for single player and i wish more developers would consider the sp experience when they’re planning dlc.

  6. I really hope my free copy of Resistance 3 comes in time. I won it on Friday through Playstation Unwrapped.

    • Nice – free stuff is always good!

  7. Sounds awesome. I was just looking at getting this so they’ve timed it well.

    Is it split screen coop or only online?

  8. Looks good, still haven’t picked this game up, thinking of doing so shortly after christmas, and DLC at that price is great (Y)

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