The Darkness II To Feature Story-Driven Co-op

When it launches next February, Digital Extremes’ comic-inspired shooter sequel The Darkness II will offer a narrative-focused “Vendettas” mode which can host up to four players. As the trailer’s narrator explains Jackie Estacado is caught in a fight between The Brotherhood, a shady organisation hell-bent on extracting his supernatural powers, and of course the Darkness itself which continues to torment him.


He therefore enlists the aid of four unsavoury characters, each bearing a personal gripe with The Brotherhood. Using the Darkness Jackie bestows them with augmented abilities and weapons, giving each one a unique feel though still preserving the gameplay’s element of accessibility. Vendettas will present players with a separate campaign of missions which run in parallel with the main game’s narrative.



  1. Ahhh. The achievement list makes a bit more sense now lol. Cool, no problems with the game having co-op, though hopefully they don’t bother with the competitive modes from the last game..

  2. Really enjoyed The Darkness thinking back, it was a bit of fun. Looking forward to the sequel.

    • Agreed. I only picked it up because the PS3 had sod all games at the time but I ended up really enjoying it. The ‘hell’ missions weren’t quite as good though. Still, the sequel is definately on my ‘to buy’ list

  3. I’ve just started delving into the original comics, they’re pretty good actually.

  4. I cannot effing wait! ^^
    Darkness was fantastic, also Jackie was a cool character.

  5. Yeah i loved the first one and the sequel looks like it coming along very nicely.

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