‘Very Exciting’ THQ Game To Be Unveiled This Month

THQ are set to announce a new game before the month is out, according to core games boss Danny Bilson.

Bilson told AusGamers:


“We actually have a game we haven’t announced yet and I can’t announce tonight – but we will be around December – that’ll be coming out next year that is also very exciting.”

The game could well be the work of Left4Dead dev Turtle Rock Studios, who are currently working on an unannounced game for THQ.

Earlier this year, Bilson said that the Turtle Rock developed title was “the coolest design I’ve ever seen in my life… really innovative.”

Shall I start revving up the hype machine?

Source: CVG



  1. wwe smackdown vs raw vs half life 3? with cross game chat for ps3

  2. ATV vs MX 17…..!

  3. THQ and “very exciting” in the same headline? Well. I. Never.
    Holding my breath.

  4. I’m intruiged. It wasn’t until I sat and thought about it that I realised how many THQ games I bought this year :) Decent games from decent developers.

  5. sounds exciting

  6. WWE: Saint’s Row

  7. I do love it when people announce announcements. Hope it’s good anyway.

  8. Marketing guys always make me chuckle – it’s not like they’d anounce a “Slightly shit and underwhelmingly derivative game” and yet the vast majority of games each year are just that, in my opinion :D

    Joking aside, Turtle Rock are ace, so here’s hoping it is what it says on the tin :)

  9. The last THQ game I bought was Stuntman: Ignition on PS2, and the only PS3 games I have from them are Costume Quest and Stacking. (Both are admittedly great, but they’re not going to set the world alight, are they), courtesy of PS+.

  10. Yet to play a good game by these guys. I’ll still give it a fair chance though….

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