Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Delayed

Microsoft mouthpiece Major Nelson has released a quick tweet regarding today’s Xbox 360 dashboard upgrade.

The timing for Xbox 360 dashboard update has been slightly delayed. I’ll have a status update later today

The phrase ‘later today’ hints that it may be ‘tomorrow’ for those of us in sensible time zones as morning is just breaking in the United States. 


Larry (for that his real name) has also tweeted he has no information as to why the update has been delayed.

Update: The Major has just tweeted again to say that there’ll be an update this afternoon (West coast US time) to say when they’ll be rolling out. We make that late this evening our time so it’s probably best you don’t expect anything new on your 360’s system software until tomorrow, at least.

Source: Twitter



  1. As Cartman would say, lame.

  2. Super lame

  3. Turbo lame

  4. aww, I might have a little sulk now. Hurry them along please, Lazza, I’m waiting to shout “BING!” at my telly here…

    • Me too. You wanna “BING” at each other while we’re waiting…?

      • BING! DirtyHabit… No Xbox, not those images! Xbox, OFF! OFF!…

      • You promised me you’d delete those after the weekend, just for fun you said… :)

  5. lois lame :(

  6. What the hell do Microsoft think they are playing at? Keeping customers informed is just not the done thing these days.

    Pfft! Amateurs..


  7. Those slimey bastards!

  8. Damn I’m jealous. No XMB revamp for 4.0 and 360 is getting anooooother new layout.

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