Nintendo Adds ‘Accomplishments’ To 3DS

I’ve just updated my 3DS a few minutes back and am still investigating (the new firmware update is live) but from initial reports on Twitter and around the web it looks like the portable now supports ‘Accomplishments’.

These system level critters apparently mirror the 360’s Achievements and the PS3’s Trophies, with some users reporting a burst of Accomplishments from the Mii Plaza section of the home screen.


I’ll dig around some more, but it currently looks like the system might currently only be activated on the Mii Plaza itself. If Nintendo can roll these out across games (especially the retro stuff) I’ll be super happy.

The firmware update also adds 3D video recording and some other new features.



  1. I though stuff like this wasn’t important to Nintendo? Or am i thinking of something they said about the Wii?

  2. Right, got a load of them now. Seems to be limited to Mii Plaza, at least just now.

    eShop is down though.

    • I wonder if there will be an achievement for not opening the Mii Plaza app since day of purchase?

  3. This + Pokémon = instant win.
    Get it done, Nintendo.

  4. I just hope Nintendo don’t use this as an excuse to not put in lots of nice easter eggs in their games.

  5. F*cking hypocrites. In January they state they don’t need Trophies/Achievements because “Nintendo’s designers don’t tell you how to play their game in order to achieve some kind of mythical reward,” (said the company’s Bill Trinen).

    Feeling the heat of the competition, Nintendo?

    The WiiU is gonna crash & burn.

    • Wow.

      • Yeah, a bit of a rage comment, wasn’t it?

        I just hate it when they do that whole act of “we don’t need that, cause we’re better” & than do it anyway.

        And I also hate the fact how Nintendo milked out the Wii with shovelware, cashed in big on it & now they see this song is at it’s end they try to reconnect with the “true” gamer & pretend it never happened.

      • You do know that at the end of the day Nintendo is a company that makes money. Don’t think for a minute that Sony or Microsoft wouldn’t have done the same if they had been in that position.

      • I’m very much aware of that. Still, even for a company it’s better to look at what they can achieve in the long run, rather than having a short term vision.

        Remember when Tony Hawk was pretty much the best selling game ever and the nr. 1 franchise?

      • This doesn’t mean Nintendo will never cater for the core gamers, ever again. Just like Tony Hawk games can be awesome again in the future. If you truly feel let down by Nintendo, then you might have taken this business a little too personal. I did enjoy some games on the Wii and there are quite a few I’d love to play but I already sold it. The Wii U looks promising. Why should I hate Nintendo for something that everyone else would have done in that position?
        Hypocrits? I’d say the just changed their minds. Just look at Steve Jobs. How many times has he said something just to do the exact opposite of it a few month/years later? :)

    • You could look at it this way, and part of me agrees, but then on the other hand it shows they are actually re-evaluating the market and reacting accordingly. People want this type of thing, so it seems Nintendo has relented.



        Sony: Oooh, rumble.

      • Well, to be fair rumble was exactly that. I remember I used to always turn it off on my PS2. It’s just with with the arrival of this gen and the appearance of fanboys, the only reason PS3 fanboys demended Sony reimplement rumble was because the Xbox 360 had it. The exact same reason everyone screams ‘CrOsS GaY-mE ChAtZzZz!!!1!’ at every oppurtunity.

      • and in-game xmb, the list goes on!

      • Doesn’t matter if it’s useful or not. They went back on what they said and that was his point.

      • I like rumble. Games like Pixeljunk Monsters and Flight Control HD make really good use of it.

    • All companies say that if they weren’t the first with it. Pretty sure Sony and Microsoft belittled the Wii. Now they both have motion devices. Microsoft almost directly ripped off their Miis. Hopefully they will include Accomplishments on the Wii U as well. Tho I have no interest in purchasing it.

  6. If these Accomplishments are cross-compatible with the Wii U (like the PS3 and Vita) then I’d be a happy bunny. Trophies/Achievements aren’t essential but they definitely add some weight to the games I play.

  7. Awesome. This + Resi Revelations = all good :)

    • The potentail of Monster Hunter omg… so many more hours and hellish battles against Silver Rioreusu, king of the skies and sudden firey death.

      10pts…. >.>

  8. 100pts – Stomp A-Million Goombas

    Really excited, can’t wait to do that

  9. Sounds fun. Even though trophies mean pretty much nothing to me, it can be nice to set yourself a little challenge and do it, I’m sure it’ll be the same with this.. Something extra to work towards after the credits roll.

  10. WHOA, they said they didn’t believe these to be necessary. However it does excite me.

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