Soul Calibur V Gets Cinematic In New Trailer

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a good, old-fashioned fight.

In the Soul Calibur universe, the great thing about scraps between Calibur-wielding Siegfried and Edge-brandishing Nightmare is that they happen again and again, as neither sword ever manages to overpower the other.


It may be a case of rinse and repeat, but Namco has dropped a new sword-clashing Soul Calibur V trailer, demonstrating once again that two men can competently battle with ridiculously oversized weaponry.

It’s good to see that Namco didn’t forget the mandatory powering-up sequences either, a staple of preposterously insane fights.

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  1. I’m the hard to find person. I only ever played two fighting games properly. DoA and that was for the jiggly bits. And Mortal Kombat, and that was because I liked the side game where you had to smash increasingly harder items with your hand. Never could get diamond though.

    • I’m the other hard to find person.
      Although I’ve played fighting games, owned by others, in the past never really got into them. I think the last one I played was in the early years of the PS2.

      • Yeh same. The DOA might even have been a demo and was PSone or PS2. The MK was PC back when I was playing Dizzy and Wizkid too.

    • Same here. I find most beat em ups boring but I make exceptions for the DOA and MK series.

  2. loved the music, very dramatic. I did use to love soul calibur, but after the first couple it seemed very samey and I stopped playing them. But think I will give this a rent, just to see if it is any different

  3. So little happens in that trailer is boggles the mind. I guess it highlights how little substance can be behind a beat ’em up sometimes.

    • This trailer shows what happens at the end of Soul Calibur IV leading up to the events of V. I don’t think it’s meant to show much except that an epic battle took place.

  4. I love Soul Calibur series, if SC 5 doesn’t impress me then it’s a no buy for me.

  5. I loved Soul calibur, but they are certainly wearing thin, couldn’t they introduce a tag mechanic to spice things up???

  6. Did anybody else feel slightly underwhelmed by the graphics?

    • They were in game and not CGI, but yeah, didn’t look anything special..

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