Tony Hawk Hints At VGA Showing Of New Game

[drop2]“I’ll be announcing the upcoming release of something new on Sat,” said Tony Hawk on Twitter overnight.  “The same day as the Spike Video Game Awards,” he continued. “Coincidence? I think not.”

As far as I’m concerned the Tony Hawk series has gone steeply downhill this generation – the first two were amazing (and 2X was good enough for me to import an American Xbox just to play it on) and three and four followed up nicely.


But the rest were crappy, and the peripheral junk turned what was a passion of mine into a laughing stock.

You’ll remember Spike TV’s own hype machine, Geoff Keighley, has been pumping up his Twitter followers for the last, well, twelve months about the show, which kicks off on Saturday night over in the States.

Presumably separate to the Hawk thing, he’s been teasing a big PS3 exclusive that ‘you won’t believe‘ and many have speculated that it’s Sony’s own much rumoured charactered-based brawler currently rumoured to be dubbed Title Fight.

The game, whatever it is, is something to do with Sony.

“We have been working with Sony on a massive announcement that no-one is going to seen coming. I’m shocked every day that none of this has leaked out,” says Keighley in a video.

“We have something absolutely mind blowing from Sony that we are going to unveil at the VGA’s and you are going to see a trailer, not a teaser, you’re going to meet the characters, see the world and it’s all done in the game engine and it comes from an absolutely amazing developer.”

“People are going to be pretty shocked when they realise what has been going on behind the scenes.”

Well, that’s his job done then.



  1. *tumbleweed*

  2. I really hope the Tony Hawk games return to their roots. I’m not a big fan of the Skate series because I think the controls are complicated just to be complicated… I don’t know. I grew up with Tony Hawk. X does an Ollie or gtfo.

    As for the Sony exclusive. He said no information has been leaked so far, so that would mean the Sony brwaler is out of the question, right? I really hope it’s not the Sony brawler because I think it wouldn’t live up to the hype that he is trying to create.
    It will be fun, sure, but it nothing mind blowing. We had Super Smash Bros. games for years. It’s not shockingly groundbreaking if it’s been done before. Well, that’s my opinion.

    • I loved skate, played it religiously. So much so in fact that I started getting shooting pains up an down my right thumb from the tricks. Repetitive strain injury, it seems, so I sold it. I played tony hawks games for much longer, and never got any pain at all. Although I preferred skates controls, I would love a good new tony hawks game, to get back into the skating games..

      • Dont get me wrong I love skate, Skate 2 being absoulutly awesome. But i would take Tony hawk ps2 and before games over it any day

    • Ugh Skate isn’t as good or even fun I found it as torture much like any other EA game I’ve played…., tricks are never so accurate for me unless its just PS3’s hardware thus framrate issues or a bad Analog stick… but damn it Tony Hawks was decent until it went Guitar Hero.

      Proving Ground wasn’t so bad to me I liked it for a while but it got boring, I hope they can just return to the gamepad and improve the game by so much more any any released.

      • I find all the tricks really simple to pull off in Skate and the thumb stick controls sublime. But it’s your opinion and I accept that, good. Just know that you are wrong.

      • I found the tricks were really difficult to get right, but once you know how to do it, you can do it pretty much every time. Damn I really wanna play skate right about now…

  3. A HD remake of the original Tony Hawks games is all I want.

    • Might I ask if that’s because you want to re-live the past games in HD? Or is it because the Tony Hawk games of late haven’t lived up to your expectations? Thus the only way you can see you enjoying a Tony Hawk game is to play the older ones again. Out of interest really.

      • It’s more the old courses for me. School 2, Airport, Kona, Warehouse, Venice Beach, Skater Heaven…

        All amazing.

      • A little of both. The older TH games were my favourites and I would love to replay them in HD, but fair to say, the later TH games didnt hold any interest for me. If they could revitalise the TH franchise with a new game that’s as good as the original Pro Skater series, then great, but I would still love to replay the orignals in HD.

    • They can just remake them in a new game I’m totally against the idea of re-leasing games which could’ve easily just be in a new engine, THUG 2 did this I think? that was perfect

      Its what GTA should do as well, a childhood dream (oh dear) bring the islands together.

  4. Can’t help but get a wee bit excited when Geoff tweets all this crap. Know I’ll be disappointed come the reveal but oh well. As for TH, same as you Nofi. Loved the first few, but recent releases I haven’t touched with a barge pole.

  5. It’s going to have to be something pretty amazing to take the crown off of Skate 2 IMO. My most played PS3 game to date.

  6. A game similar to Underground. Lost it’s touch after that. Or a complete HD collection of the pro skater series

  7. Complete HD collection would be amazing!

    And just for the record, THPS2 was the best one. :-p

  8. I really enjoyed project 8 on ps3… then skate came out.

  9. Oh yeah, EA Skate is about a zillion times better than any Tony Hawk game, but I did like the real life spots in THPS.

    Why they never released Love Park as DLC for Skate, I’ll never know!

  10. Tony who?

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