Dizzy PS3, 360 & PC Versions ‘Easy’

Dizzy developer Paul Ranson has said that the PC version of Dizzy: Prince Of  The Yolkfolk is ‘sat on the computer at home’  and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are possible.

Dizzy has been built using an engine called ‘Slam’ which means the team can easily port the game to a number of platforms including Nintendo DS and PSP.


As the for Xbox 360 version, Paul said that “there’s commercial issues we’ve got to take into account with that.”

“With Xbox, as I understand it, Microsoft only release a certain number of slots so they don’t overwhelm the system, and those slots are fairly jealously kept by publishers that they believe will make them money.”

Source: Digital Spy



  1. I wish they would just crack on with it.

    • It all boils down to egg jokes :P

  2. I guess building a ZX Spectrum emulator compatible with all systems was the hardest part what the PS3’s RAM issues.

  3. Their mobile remake looks (and apparently plays) pretty much awful.

  4. Thought this was about a Dizzee Rascal game. Disappointed.

  5. Never heard of this, what is it?

    • I’m guessing you aren’t quite in your mid twenties yet?

      • Im actually coming up to 30, just don’t think i ever came across this game.

    • I have a small idea about it, old game – featured an egg as the main character. I think.

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