Joe Danger Special Edition Dated

It has been announced that Xbox 360 exclusive, Joe Danger Special Edition, will be releasing on December 14th for 1200 MSP, featuring additional content over the PSN original.


TSA spoke to Hello Games all-round nice guy, Sean Murray, back at Eurogamer. You can check out the video below.

Source: Press Release



    Really pleased their game was successful. Really fun and deliciously challenging.
    Looking forward to The Movie

    • It was a charming success story and they deserved it having created the game in that tiny office.

  2. I got the chance to play this at Eurogamer and chat to the Hello Games team – great bunch of lads!
    Really great game, I have it on PSN already but will be picking up this SE on XBL next week.
    J-J-J-Jooooooooe Dangeeeeeeer! :)

  3. So what are the differences over the PSN version that make it a ‘special’ edition? Anyone know?

    • New characters, game modes and levels apparently.

      • Fair dinkum – Kinda what i expected, although not entirely sure what the point in a new character would be seeing that you are usually just twirling in the air (although crashes could be good i suppose) & if i am honest, i was expecting there to be more levels, if only a couple. Not sure about new game modes though – Could be fun, could be a chore. Who knows?

        So basically, more of the same then (which sounds like a bad thing, but actually isn’t)?

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