OnLive Gaming Hits iOS/Android Devices

It has been announced that cloud gaming service, OnLive, is now available on iOS and Android (Requires Gingerbread or higher) devices.

I couldn’t find the iOS app this morning, but I’ve downloaded the Android one onto my Samsung Galaxy S2 (pictures below) and it works!

The service is limited to 25 games so far, such as Bastion, Darksiders and L.A Noire. The games can either be played using the new touchscreen controls (which seem responsive), or by syncing your device with the OnLive controller, although not every tablet or smartphone will be compatible.

From what I can gather you need WiFi to run the OnLive games in the UK.

Oh, and you’ll also get a free copy of LEGO Batman.

Source: Press Release


  1. Downloaded it onto my Xperia Play this morning but O2 seem to be blocking it’s connection. I’ll try with Wifi when I get chance. I hope the physical controls are supported.

    • UK is WiFi only, so I’ve heard.

      • The email I got this morning says: “Pick up your games anywhere: Play over WiFi or your mobile network.”

  2. Waiting patiently for this to appear on iOS. The e-mail I got from Onlive this morning implied that it would work on 3G as well as WiFi but it doesn’t mention it explicitly.

  3. Amphlett’s Crystal Ball Services
    Ooh, I foresee the data transfer per month sky rocketing and some people busting their mobile monthly data limit. I can see horrified mother’s appearing in Daily Mail articles crying about their mobile phone bills.

    • Could you also foresee that I enjoyed this comment :)

  4. This could be interesting! Been skeptical of the OnLive service. Doesn’t seem the most intuitive of menu systems either, I have been left quite confused by the PC version

  5. You’d have to use WiFi anyway, this would absolutely hammer your data usage. Also wouldn’t be great for out and about as it will truly spank my battery. I’m just still seriously not interested in onlive and I selfishly hope it fails in a massive way.

  6. I’ve had the iPad app for a while but it appears to be a viewer only and doesn’t let you play anything. I gather this is a new one?

    • Looks like it will be a new app. Looking at the email I had there is no mention of IOS as it only points to Android version.

  7. Apparently Apple may have completely blocked the release of this on iOS, in particular the iPhone.

    • I can see why. It would blow their iTunes platform wide open.

      • No it wouldn’t.
        The games can only be played over wifi, so it wouldn’t compete with their big earners.
        Also, they allow the likes of Netflix go up against iTunes, don’t they?

      • Because money changes hands between users & OnLive and Apple’s terms dictate they need 30% of that revenue… Really can’t see anything other than a viewer on Apple devices. Thank Steve

  8. You CAN play this over 3G, and it works ok. Sure the data will skyrocket, but the fact all of your game saves will work across devices is just brilliant.

  9. Just installed this on my Xperia Play but won’t be able to use it till i get on wi-fi :(

  10. Also does anyone know if it works with the Xperia Play controls?

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