Rumour: New Dead Rising Game In The Works

A new Dead Rising game starring Frank West could be incoming, if a post on the Dead Rising Facebook page is to be believed.

The post reads:

“I’m getting packing for my new adventure – camera, notebook and baseball bat. What else would I need for a break in paradise? – Frank”

The comments have since been ‘mysteriously’ removed from Facebook, suggesting that someone might have let the cat out of the bag a little too soon.

I wouldn’t blame them though, keeping a cat in a bag is bound to make it pretty angry. Maybe it wanted to get in on the zombie killing action?

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Loved the original DR and the ‘Case 0’ XBLA game but never got round to playing the final version of DR2. Think it might be worth them holding back for a while and coming back to it at a later date (same goes for Assassins Creed)

    • Those are the best 2 chapters in the dead rising universe, case west isn’t really about survival whatsoever and when playing DR2 all you’ll be thinking is ‘this just isn’t as good as the first one’ and off the record is almost identical to DR2 appart from the protagonist and 1 or 2 lines being changed, aswell as the almost pointless theme park area with no missions or survivors (apart from that 1 boss battle)

  2. I like zombies as much as the next guy, but I’m not sure I can take much more!!!

    • Yeah. They need to go away for a bit.. everyone use vamps or werewolves for a while, zombies can leave till next gen?

  3. Tropical island? Dead Rising meets Dead Island? Sounds like a crossover… Highly unlikely so maybe they are going for a similar setting with the next installment.

  4. I know i am in the minority, but i loove Dead Rising! This is nothing but good news for me (if true of course)! :)

    • I’m with you on this one Forrest. It’s a great game. One that you can pop on intending to have a quick 5 minutes and before you realise a couple of hours have passed.

      • Haha – So true!

        Sandbox mode on Off The Record is especially adictive (due to the lack of timer) – You just think “hmm, a few more kills & i’ll have hit 10,000 killed” or “ooh, i’m almost level 40” & by the time you turn it off, you are level 50 with 20,000 kills! :)

  5. I love a good zombie game, and most recently I loved Dead Island all the way through, but Dead Rising pissed me off from the start. The most annoying combination of flawed controls, mission structure and savepoints ever.

    • Most of that has been fixed in DR2:OTR. Not all, but most.

  6. I think an airport would be the perfect setting for a dead rising game, ypu can have a mall area and a casino area (so you don’t loose anything cool that’s unique to DR1/DR2’s settings) and much more.

    • And with all the different types of jobs there are at airports, there’ll be no shortage of psychopaths in the game :)

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