The Last Of Us Gets Two Screens

Two teaser screens have been released for PlayStation 3 exclusive ‘The Last Of Us’. The first is an unremarkable jungle but the second image of a newspaper stand gives us a few clues.

‘The President addresses a panicked nation as millions more are feared dead or infected’ reads the sub headline and the words ‘New Mexico quarantine fails’ and ‘England latest to declare martial law’.


We’re obviously looking at some sort of viral outbreak that ravages the population but so far there’s no mention of the undead or zombies. Perhaps the game will have a darker, more serious tone than ‘smash zombie in face’.

An extended version of the ‘ant’ trailer can also be found at the website (which appears to have crashed at the moment).




  1. Hoping this has more of a I Am Alive feel to it.

    • Me too, or at least the sort of premise of I Am Alive which is pretty much the only thing I know about it

  2. Absolutely love how Sony are handling this.
    No one uncovered the domain registration, no one has a clue other than what’s on the site.

    It’s much more exciting & news outlets still have articles about it, surely everyone wins.
    It’s now certain the game will feature ‘the infected’
    And it’s probable that Sony Santa Monica are behind it, just wonder if it will be open world FPS type action or if will be hack&slasher SM will presumably be more comfortable with (assuming they’re behind it)

    Publishers take note, this is how you control info before an announcement

    • Yeah, it’s been fantastically released, wish more games were handled so well.

  3. Maybe it’ll be something in the style of 28 Days Later. That would be amazing.

    • Im hoping for something along the lines of the film ‘Contagion’

  4. Interesting. Just hope it’s not a Dead Island…

    • Sounds nearer Dead World in scope, I just hope it’s not infamous style game (without the special powers obviously)

      • yeah that would be disappointing too. Have to wait and see :)

  5. Does that second shot hold any reference to the game do you think?
    Or is it just a shot to say “Look how real we can make leaves look!”

  6. hopefully this will be what I thought Dead Island was going to be.

  7. Robocop Vs Terminator???? :D (still holding out hope!)

  8. They sure are making it intriguing, but I can’t shake the feeling it’s gonna be another L4D/Dead Island.

  9. I’m hoping it’s more chemical warfare related, nothing supernatural, and then turn it on its head by playing a a character who is just trying to escape an survive a chemical war zone, not a one man army who happens and definitely I Am Legend!

  10. i said it would be some kind of pandemic, no, i didn’t just learn that word from an episosode of QI.

    not that that wasn’t an obvious assumption.
    but my vanity won’t let that little fact stop me saying “I was right”

    i just hope it’s something more than yet another shoot the zombie fps, i think the shark has well and truly been jumped on the zombie thing with COD’s zombies in space map pack.

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