TSA F1 Championship – The Final

Last Sunday it was time at last to decide and discover who would be our new TSA Drivers Champion. 16 drivers were all set to give it their best shot for a win, a points finish, or even just a little bit of fun.

Everyone involved already had an inkling that it was going to be a showdown between JamboGT, our GT5 Champion, and Lee-ma, the hot new property on TSA, but you’d have been foolish to discount last year’s Champion, Manorhowze, and many of the other speed demons that had been taking part.


Qualifying was quite interesting. Lee-ma just about maintained his status as the Qualifying specialist, taking pole on his last attempt, but JamboGT was only just off his pace by three hundredths of a second, and sat in 2nd place. Even closer together were Manorhowze in 3rd, just two hundredths ahead of AshGraham. Overall the top four were separated by only two tenths of a second. Now that’s competitive!

In fact all the way down the field the margins between drivers were pretty tight. A bit of nip and tuck here or there and the grid could have lined up quite differently. If Chuggy hadn’t put himself into a wall, who knows what he might have managed!

Race Day

The race got underway, and Lee ran a little deep into the first turn. Jambo, though, failed to take advantage as he preferred not to risk his position and had a clear strategy in mind. This meant he didn’t try and muscle his way into first, and soon the top 5 drivers started to pull away, Lee ahead of Jambo, Manorhowze, Ash and Tonyyeb. I’m going to focus on their races, but if you want the gory first corner details on how absolutely everyone’s races went, then lots of people have posted in the forum thread, and some have even uploaded videos.

With Jambo in 2nd place, Lee started to put in some fast laps to get a bit of a gap. Jambo’s strategy was to hold on to his fuel for a while, so he was running with his engine turned down. That allowed Manorhowze to quickly begin to reel him in, and led to the first of many incidents. Heading into turn four, Manorhowze had managed to get alongside Jambo around the outside. A difficult spot to make an overtake even down the inside, but near impossible around the outside. Jambo took his usual speed into the corner, which meant that Manor’s line around the outside was going to be non-existant and he ended wide, losing 3rd place to Ash in the process.

Manor didn’t lose much time, though, and when Ash ran a little wide soon after, he was able to get past again. He set off after Jambo once more, and this time his use of the DRS helped him get past into 2nd place. Tonyyeb got a little action too, as he also made good use of the DRS to get past into 4th.

At the end of lap 6, and not wanting to lose more time battling with Tony, Ash ducked into the pits, whilst just ahead there was a bit more action between Jambo and Manor. Jambo had been finding it difficult to pass Manor with the DRS, but at the start of lap 7 he thought he’d made it work into turn 1. There was some more contact between the two of them through the first few corners, with Jambo spinning again and losing out. So now Tony was up to 3rd place, but had the ill fortune of deciding to duck into the pits at the end of lap 8, at exactly the same time as Manor, his fellow Team Lotus driver!

Needless to say Tony lost a few seconds out of this, but Ash was now having a great time. He’d come out in the middle of the pack, who were all involved in their own little scraps and on many different strategies, but he made it work. He worked his way past people efficiently, and thanks to time lost through the accident and pit stop error he jumped past Manor, Jambo and Tony after they’d all stopped; their misfortune playing into his hands.

Lee-ma still led the race, of course, but after his first stop had a brief meeting with Chuggy, who was on a longer strategy, before Lee got past and pulled away once more. Like the real F1 from this year, the leader rarely had anything exciting happen, so doesn’t get a lot of camera time. He lapped some people later on too.

Ash was quickly caught up again by Manor, and Jambo also recovered to get close once more. The three of them pulled plenty of little overtaking moves over several laps, until once more a little disaster and drama struck. Jambo came off worst from one of the many manoeuvres, and he dropped back several places.

Ash again undercut Manorhowze at the pit stops, whilst Jambo had to switch early to replace his tyres after the spin. It wasn’t as dramatic this time, but Manor and Jambo gradually reeled Ash back in, though they couldn’t quite get close enough to do anything. The battle for 2nd and 3rd would hinge on the final stint, and Manor did himself no favours when he mistakenly put on another set of Primes for the last few laps, with Jambo ahead now in 3rd and just behind Ash.

Ash was able to pull away a little as Jambo and Manorhowze resumed their Hamilton-Massa-esque battle. Just as before the DRS allowed Manor to pass for 3rd place but when Jambo tried the same, contact occurred and, yes, it was Jambo that span. Tonyyeb was quite surprised to see himself catching Jambo at quite a rate before Jambo put his car into a wall.

The final couple of laps saw Ash put in a fastest lap before Lee, over 10 seconds ahead, put his stamp on the day, by turning up his engine and setting his own fastest lap for the hattrick.

So after that thrilling race here’s what the final standings looked like:

The final standings were:

  1. Lee-ma
  2. AshGraham99
  3. Manorhowze
  4. Tonyyeb
  5. Chuggy
  6. James_m2603
  7. Tomjakes
  8. THLNetwork
  9. Spooferbarnabas
  10. Kamikaze-UK
  11. JamboGT – DNF (last lap)
  12. Stanley1664 +1 lap
  13. teflon6678 – +1 lap
  14. freezebug2 – DNF
  15. snakefingers13 – DNF
  16. camdaz – DNF
Congratulations are in order for Lee-ma, our new TSA F1 Champion! He totally dominated qualifying throughout, had some great wins under his belt and wrapped it up with a perfect race in the finals. Also some very deserving 2nd place and 3rd place positions for Ash and Manor, although anyone that managed to finish there would have deserved it!

If you took part in the competition, here’s a final quick reminder that there is also a 4th award available for competitors in the championship. The Peoples’ Champion Award is voted for you, and is based on who you felt was the best sport during the championship. So head to the forum thread and lodge your vote! Best be quick, though, voting closes tonight.

Tune in later on for the unveil of a thoroughly modern competition we’ll be running next week. What could it possibly be?



  1. Great report Teffers. Gutted that Sky went for Crofty over you ;).

    Congratulations to Lee for a faultless drive. Well done to Ash and Manor showing their skill and speed on track as usual.

    And a huge thanks to AG, Teflon and Jambo for yet another superb TSA event. Professional and fun as ever. Can’t wait for the reveal next week!

    • Oh and great drive from Chuggy starting from the back and making it through to 5th!

      • Yup, it was a great drive from Chuggy too. I had to draw a line somewhere, though, and the top 5 after lap 1 seemed the best place.

        Bit of a shame Jambo and Manor couldn’t escape one another. I feel we were slightly robbed of seeing whether Jambo’s scheme would have worked or not…

        Also, you’re a silly sausage. ;-)

  2. “Thoroughly modern competition” Intrigue sets in due to announcement being mentioned with the F1 final write up!
    Brilliantly consistent driving from Lee throughout to win in the qualifiers table and final. It’s been an awesome tournament from the start and far better than last years. I just wish I could have found some way of being able to drive around without getting into scrapes regularly with other traffic and being spun off, as I’ve had the pace and strategy for podium throughout practice and tournament…maybe next time :P
    Strange though how only tef’s connection could hold up well for hosting FULL lobbies during practice and race.

    • Hosting like a boss, I was, but yeah, very odd that my connection could hold it all together. It’s pretty crummy really.

      I like to teasingly pre-announce stuff. :-)

  3. Though not involved in the tournament, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these reports over the last few weeks. Congrats to Lee, sounds like a deserved winner.

  4. Having failed miserably to make it through to the final I had lost track of when it was taking place. I had seen earlier this week that it had happened but haven’t had a chance to comment as yet.

    Sounds like it was a very eventful race for most. Congratulations to Lee on the win. Being in the same group for the first stage of the competition I think it is safe to say that Lee was the most consistent and fully deserved the title. Congratulations also to Ash and Manor on their podium finishes, both also very consistent in these competitions. Notable mention also to tony for a very respectable 4th place after arranging and organising many practice sessions. The effort put in paid off I would say.

    Thanks again to AG, teflon & Jambo for all the planning, organising, hosting and write ups etc. The whole competition has been a huge success and as freeze said, even better than last year.

  5. Well done to Lee and thanks to everyone for taking part.

    Really hope next years edition of the game delivers. :)

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the competition but it would have been better if my PS3 had lasted a day longer. During qualifying the screen was freezing for a split second so decided to stay in the pits. Then at the start of the race it got even worse so decided to quit so not to spoil any one’s race.
    Congrats to Lee for the win and Ash & Manor for their podium finishes.
    Thanks to AG, Jambo & Tef for a brilliant job organising the comp.

  7. Huh, when did this article sneak up?
    Congrats again to Lee for dominating us all. Enjoyable race and chuffed to finish as first loser!
    Thanks to AG, tef and Jambo for your organisation.
    I gave my vote for Tony/Chris for his great performance showing that if you put in the practice (that he organised lots of) you can do a lot better than you expected!

    • Cheers Ash. The practice was a big help, but racing with you guys is where I picked up the speed. I’m obviously not naturally fast but it was great to be up there mixing it with the racing cream of TSA :D

  8. Dammit Manor…. you must practice more go on practice for F1 2012.
    Man I lost 1000 TSA Points, stupid TSA addict gambing points.

    Well glad everyone enjoyed and for some reason I couldn’t make that competition with work and life and of course other games (lol) I still yet haven’t picked up F1 2011 though still unsure as F1 2010 is great I have no problems with that game!

    Fantastic work as usual teflon :)

    • Sorry, I tried but Lee was too damn quick.

      You should get F1 2011 del, it does improve on last years game. It has its problems but i’ve really enjoyed the game.

  9. Really enjoyed this competition and I was very pleased with a podium. Lee thoroughly deserved to be champion as he was by far the quickest and most consistent in our group.

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