Apple Names Its Games of the Year

For the past couple of years, the iPhone has led a kind of mini revolution in the gaming world. Developers are using the platform to launch compelling, innovative games that often have a focus that’s missing elsewhere in the industry.

This year, Apple’s US and European branches have selected their Game of the Year on both iPhone and iPad. Both regional offices have come up with different winners but all four games honoured are deserving of praise.


The US wing chose Tiny Towers on iPhone, a compelling freemium game in which you must build a skyscraper and keep its residents happy. The European side of Apple chose a European game – Tiny Wings, which has a single control simplicity and a compelling hook to keep you levelling up.

For the iPad, the US Game of the Year was EA’s Dead Space while the European iPad Game of the Year was Contre Jour, a puzzle game with a beautiful art style from Chillingo.

All deserving winners but there are, of course, others that I feel deserve a mention. Jetpack Joyride, Swords and Sworcery and 1000 Heroz all spring to mind. What have been your favourites this year?

Source: App Store via Pocket Gamer



  1. Tiny Wings is a great pick. Looking at the list of games I currently have installed I’d probably stick with their choice.

  2. Always happy to see Dead Space getting some appreciation. Can’t get on with the controls though, damn touch screen when a necromorph jumps out at me.

    Pro Evo 2012 – but I only play the Free Kick Challenge – it’s awesome!

    Reckless Racing and Crystal Defenders are also very good.

  3. Tiny Wings is a great game and well deserved winner. I like how they managed to keep the games relatively short, even when going for high scores at higher level.

    This year also marked the release of my own game, so allow me to shamelessly plug:
    Phoenix HD
    which is doing quite well, almost 1mil downloads (hopefully getting that before the end of the month). It is free, so please give it a try :)

  4. I can’t remember whether it came out this year or last, but Slopskier has been a particular highlight for me.

  5. For me it would have to be Bumpy Road, should check it out if you haven’t already. A bit like Slopskier in that it has a clever twist on the endless runner genre and the art style is brilliant.

    • Also I think Mage Gauntlet deserves a mention for those you like the old school rpg. Not normally a genre I play but this one caught my attention. Anomaly Warzone earth also deserves a mention nice twist on tower defence, its a port of the steam version but I think the touch controls work remarkably well.

      • Thanks for the heads-up on Anomaly Warzone. I’m downloading the demo on the PC as I don’t seem to hit the iPhone as much these days. Looks great fun! I do love me some tower defence! :-)

  6. Tiny Tower is possibly the most addictive yet simple game I’ve ever played, I have been completely hooked to restocking all my stores and putting my bitizens in jubs since my honeymoon in July.

    The Dead Space game was very good too on the iPad, it didn’t seem to comprimise too much in term,s of scares, controls and appearance – and to give it a completely seperate story was a masterstroke.

    I’d probably give “Water?” a recommendation for Cut the rope style addictiveness too.

    • Water? Can you give us a link as I’m having trouble searching for such a popular keyword on the store. :-(

      • I assume it’s “Where’s My Water?”, by Disney, which is very good.

      • Thanks, guys. Bought and installing. Top stuff!

  7. Contre Jour and Football Manager are the only games I genuinely enjoy on iPad.

  8. Only picked it up this week, on the back of Kevatron’s podcast recommendation, but Battlehearts is a really slick, enjoyable RPG-lite battler, which I would echo Kev’s sentiments and advise anyone who likes their games, y’know, good, to pick up.

  9. I don’t get Tiny Wings at all. Or Tiny Tower. Not sure what my fave is this year though.

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