Community Round-Up: 10/12/11

It’s certainly been a crazy week with all the weather, but luckily at TSA Towers, it’s all systems go as usual. Let’s take a look with this weeks’ Community Roundup!

Plenty of competitions on TSA this week. For any Modern Warfare 3 fans out there, we are running a competition for you now; Modern Warfare Master. Taking place over 3 rounds, the overall score will decide who gets the Modern Warfare Master title. The tournament takes place this Wednesday 14th December at 8PM, and you need to get your entries in before 6pm on Monday. There are still some places available, so go and send that email now!

Then we have the Uncharted 3 Treasure Bearer Results. It was a close-fought battle between first and second in the grand finale of the tournament. Congratulations to Marper who wins himself a behind the scenes book looking at the development of Uncharted 3, written by Nolan North.

Also this week, we had the TSA F1 Championship Final. The top 16 drivers from the previous rounds took part in one final race, to determine who would be crowned TSA’s F1 Champion for 2011. The top 3 were Lee-ma, AshGraham99 and Manorhowze, so congratulations to all of them. AG has also totted up all of the votes for the 4th trophy, the People’s Choice Award, and it is…

Drum roll, please.


Let’s take a look at the Meets, which seem to be slightly lacking as I write this:

Tonight, Bodachi is hosting the usual Uncharted 3 Meet at 7pm, and Teflon has returned the Thursday Uncharted Meets back to non-competition mode too. We’ll will also see sanmartinez’s Bioshock 2 DLC Meet, taking place at 9pm tonight.

For tomorrow, there’s another TSA Photo meet in Home. GTOWN, or Kitch as you may know him, is organising it all.

That’s all there is so far! I’m sure there’s a couple meets going to spring up just after this goes live, so check in and see what’s going on!

Remember that if you want to host your own Meet, you can do so provided you have at least 250 TSA points.

Review-wise, we’ve just got two 3DS games for you to take a look at. Firstly, Blair reviewed Super Pokémon Rumble, and Dan has his review of Shinobi. For something slightly different, Jim took at look at the Dead Island novel by Mark Morris.

Last weekend saw a particularly good Meet the Reader, featuring Snakefingers, which is a funny read. Xeroxeroxero also looked at the shocking realistic Imagine Journalist as part of the Playback feature here on TSA.

In possibly the most shocking move of the week Peter did some “science”. It may not be the most rigorous of research, but if it’s good enough for Keith Vaz, it’s good enough for us.

Also not to be missed is the launch of TSA’s Top 100 of 2012. It’s going to be in a slightly different format this year, which will be better for you and will actually allow us to stay sane while writing it; Lee (Kovacs) nearly died doing last year’s one! At the time of writing, we already have the first instalment, games 100-96.

And now for some podcast news: You can of course catch up with Episode 46 of the OMM Podcast, but you can also help write TSA’s Christmas Carol for this year. It’s quite simple, just head on over to the forum thread and suggests some lyrics. There are already some suggestions there, so take a look.

We also have the WeView Verdict for Mortal Kombat, or you could leave your comments for the next game Red Dead Redemption, a game that in my opinion is utterly fantastic.

Time to put on some body armour and take a look in the TSA Forums! Who knows what may be in there? Well, I do, and so I’m going to tell you:

I’ve now got 2 weeks off, but I’ll be leaving you in capable hands, so don’t worry! I’ll still be around, but have a Merry Christmas anyway!

Gazzagb was eventually herded towards a keyboard to bring your this week’s Round-Up.



  1. Would like to be giving the MW3 comp a go but dont have the game until Christmas, hopefully you will run it again ;) The Uncharted 3 comp was great fun, weldome to Marper and thanks to Tef and Boadchi/Topgearsam for hosting. Oh yeah take a look at my Dead Island review ;)

  2. I’ve just awarded TSA points to all the UC3TB finalists.

    I’ll do the points for F1 later on.

    • You gave me a random amount of points but diolch yn fawr.

      • I gave you 10 points for every kill in the final, didn’t I?

      • when you think about it yes :P

    • Ah so thats why I went up a level :P. Thanks again for hosting the event.

    • Yeah pojts!!

  3. Ah shizzlesticks, forgot to vote for the F1 2011 People’s Choice Award! Big congrats Chris!

  4. “in capable hands” By that he means, Tef and me. :-) But i think he may have meant just tef. Remeber, Vote for me!

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