Epic Games Announce ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite is another game announced at the VGAs that prominently features zombies. Except it doesn’t look like a traditional, post-apocalyptic zombie game set in our version of Earth as The Last of Us does. Instead, it appears to be a more lighthearted take on the phenomenon, featuring a cartoon-like Team Fortress style of graphics.

And as the title suggest, the game seems to feature building forts to stay away from those infected as a main mechanic. You can catch the trailer for this interesting take on zombies below:

Source: GameTrailers



  1. I’m so zombied out, it does look interesting though :)

  2. Building shelters to get away from monsters at night? Is this game based entirely on the first night of Minecraft? :P But seriously, sounds quite interesting, not what I’d expect from epic, and I’m not yet sure on the style, could be interesting though.

    • Yeah, first thing I thought when i saw it was Minecraft’s survival mode but with an interesting art style

  3. I’m thinking this could be a really cool co-op game.

  4. I like the art style.
    I don’t know anything else about the game though, but hey, I like the art.
    This is why I generally dislike announcement trailers- they really aren’t normally worthwhile, are they?

  5. I know it’s early days but I feel that Epic are going to have pull something special out with this game to warrant a full disc based release (if that’s it is), because this screams 4-player co-op PSN/XBLA game to me. Still love the art style though.

  6. Love the art style, cartoony zombies are way better.

  7. Burn Zombie Burn Tower Defense. NEXT

  8. This looks quite good, will b fun in co-op.

  9. I really hope coop will play a huge role in this game. Looks interesting!

    • I hope that everyone is on the same team! In the fort. Zombies controlled by the console. If it’s a team game then they would have to make both sides even, which takes away the advantage of building a fort.

  10. Looks like that Zombie game that was released on psn a few months ago. Think it was Dead Block.

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