First Plot Details For The Last Of Us

You’ve had an hour or so to let the VGAs big reveal sink in, so we think you might just be ready to hear the first details on the game.

“The Last of Us is a genre-defining experience that blends survival and action elements to tell a character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague,” reads the description on the official TLoU YouTube channel. “Abandoned cities are being reclaimed by nature and the remaining survivors are killing each other for food, weapons and whatever they can get their hands on. Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a brave teenage girl who is wise beyond her years, must work together to survive their journey across what remains of the United States.”


The game has been in development by a second team at Naughty Dog for some time now, and will be released on PS3 – this isn’t a next-gen game.



  1. Sounds great! Second team it is then! Those screens do look very good. I’m very interested in how this turns out. Hugely hopeful. ND should do a good job.
    Slightly disappointed it’s by a second team only because I don’t want Uncharted to go on forever. So maybe that team will go on to something new too? Also, with two teams, we could end up getting an ND release every year, instead of every two. That would be cool.

    • Actually i think the main Naught Dog team will be more focused on Jak 4 then on a new Uncharted.
      especially since we now know that the Jak and Dexter collection is real, meaning ND has a reason to be working on a new Jak game to coincide.

      I agree that Uncharted is getting a bit stale at this point and im happy to wait till the next generation for it to come back stronger and better then ever.
      but im all for a new Jak game.

      • Yeah, you’ve got a good point. Jak 4 could be a possibility, but I think they might wait till after the release of the collection, and if that flops, then they’ll probably not bother. Uncharted on next gen would probably be great, resting franchises isn’t done enough!

      • I dunno. I’d love to see another Jak game by ND but I can’t see it happening. I feel that the only reason it’s been done by a second team within Naughty Dog was because the main team was doing U3. So, now that’s done, I’m assuming they’ll all move across to The Last of Us.

        I don’t think ND are big enough to produce 2 AAA at the same time yet

      • I don’t think there’s ANY studio big enough to produce two AAAs at the same time, and keep up the high quality of both.

      • Well, Insomniac tried and Resistance 3 turned out well with R&C coming out with some disappointing scores

  2. It looks lovely. I like the trailer but as with Dead Island, how this then related to the game itself will be interesting to see and compare.

    • Well, this is in-engine on a PS3. Dead Islands trailer was pre-rendered. This is more similar to the UC3 trailer, and that didn’t disappoint.

  3. I thought I was well tired of zombie games, this made me change my mind. Hoping for a 2012 release if it’s been in development for some time. And screw next-gen, if anything; ND has proven that the PS3 can easily keep running for a few more years.

    • totally agree the cell has some life left in it.

  4. So it’s not a zombie game then? The trailer alluded to that rather heavily, but in knowing that they are not zombies, my interest in the series just increased tenfold.

    • If it looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck…

  5. Here’s a good stream for those in need (better than the previous ones I posted, at least for me):

  6. Mad theory: Is it an Uncharted game being revealed cryptically?
    Shave Joel, and you’d be left with an older Nathan Drake?
    Of course, it could just be Nolan North being used by Naughty Dog again…

    • there was also that paper that featured in uncharted 3 that related to this game wasn’t there?

      and, wasn’t there something about Elana being… you know, in uncharted 3, so the girl could be… well, you can figure it out.

      or it could just be the same designer created two similar looking faces. ^_^

    • Not in the slightest. A very different looking chap and I didn’t even hear “Nate” once whilst watching the trailer. Was too busy being engrossed in what was unfolding, thankfully. :-)

    • But why would his name be Joel if it was an Uncharted game. Think your reading too much into it.

      • He could be in hiding?
        Going by an alias? Or even-
        what if Joel is his real name?

  7. Promising, hopefully this is a more mature and down-to-earth take on a zombie game than were used to seeing. Also hopefully this gives the Uncharted series a much needed rest, agreed that the next Uncharted should be a launch title for the PS4.

    • Upon further perusal I’m seeing a large resemblance to I Am Legend in those screens.

      Also is it just me or does that chick have a weird-ass face? Those eyes look wrong.

  8. As said previously, this has piqued my interest an awful lot. I have high hopes for this game. Being that it’s developer is Naughty Dog, I expect it will provide a sublime gaming experience.

  9. Naughty Dog eh? Didn’t expect that I must admit. I’m a bit zombied out at the moment but I have faith ND will deliver a compelling story to accompany some great gameplay. If it comes out next Xmas then great.

  10. Were those mutant head-things spores?
    The scenery all looks a bit Enslaved to me at the moment. I shall wait and see.

    • Yeah, it looked like the big mould things were them spore things, like on the full ant programme clip.

      On Enslaved. That game was mostly an uncharted copy, so I guess ND are only returning the favour.

    • well if you’re going to create a city where nature has pretty much reclaimed it, you’re gonna end up with something like that no matter who creates it.

      • Disagree to an extent. Sure the theory is the same but the colour palette and the art style are what define the impression given. There are many games with the same setting but look very different due to their own art styles. How many times have we fought in New York or in post-apocalyptic America? Not all those games look the same. More relevantly, both Uncharted and Tomb Raider were set in jungle ruins but looked completely different.

        So yes, the setting is the same and thus there will be inherent similarities however currently the actual colour palette and art design looks very very similar to Enslaved. In fact if I saw those screens out of context I would have thought it was Enslaved (or a sequel). So that level of similarity in colour palette and art design is unexpected. Hence why I’ll wait and see. I love ND and I love Uncharted however what I won’t assume is that just because it comes from the same design studio the game is automatically a winner, that’s being a bit presumptuous.

      • EDIT: From the latest story “Enslaved’s lead designer is also confirmed as being involved”.
        So that would go some way towards explaining the visual similarities.

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