Hitman: Absolution VGA Trailer

It’s the first (or not) of the big new trailers from the Video Game Awards, and it’s the new one for Hitman: Absolution, due next year from IO Interactive.

Source: GameTrailers



  1. Can’t wait!

  2. This looks great. Shame the show has far too many ad breaks with nothing in them. Damn..

  3. Please let this be along the lines of the original Hitman games. I want to be able to sneak in, take out the target and sneak out, without anybody ever knowing there was an assassination.
    As a Hitman game it interests me automatically but I’ll be very unimpressed if it turns out to be just a shooter with the Hitman name attached to it.

  4. well. he’s a bad ass

  5. Looking forward to this, Hitman is long overdue this generation.

  6. Never played one of these games but always kept a slight interest. Shall check this out when it is released!

    • awwwww you gotta try blood money that is the most beautiful and excellent game ever to grace my pc!

  7. Haha like the little dig at the end “the original assassin”!

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