Naughty Dog’s ‘The Last Of Us’ Revealed

Fresh from the VGAs, here’s the premiere gameplay trailer for The Last Of Us – an infectious post-apocalyptic game, brought to you by Naughty Dog (the creators of Uncharted).

Freaky-faced zombie-things, ND’s trademark animation, and a trailer entirely composed of in-game footage – check it out below.

Source: YouTube



  1. Well that was certainly a surprise. Super news that it’s ND who are working on this, because they produce super high quality, but also because this also means a break from Uncharted, which is what the series needs.

    • Yeah, really couldn’t believe it when i saw their name come up on screen.

      The game looks beautiful but, I dunno, I thought ND were better than zombies

    • I dunno, I’m wondering if there’s now two teams at Naughty Dog, considering how quickly they’ve announced a new game after finishing Uncharted 3.

      I’m guessing we won’t be seeing yearly ND releases though…

      • Clearly it’s using Uncharted 3 engine (as the visuals are Uncharted3 esque).

        I’m guessing two teams of artists/actors/directors and game coders and 1 shared “core” team that does the engine stuff.

        Now NaughtyDog (and thus SCEE because they are a 1st party SCEE studio), you will be seeing more cross pollination between Studios. The PS3 is sure hard to code for properly, but when you have 23 1st party Sony studios all working together, all sharing tech, code and knowledge, then you are surely onto a winner. And that’s why all the PS3 exclusives from SCEE studios totally destroy games on all other gaming systems.

  2. Does this mean no more uncharted? Not even a kart racer? Hope they do move on. Although I love uncharted, I don’t want it to get stale, I’d love to see what they do next as ND are so talented. Although since this has been worked on for a while, maybe they have more teams now? Anyone else thinks the girl looks a bit like Ellen Page? I think this looks really good.

    • Just watched this again, forgot to mention. I think the music at the end sounds fantastic…

    • “Anyone else thinks the girl looks a bit like Ellen Page?”

      First thing that popped into my head when I saw her.

      • Popped into mine too.
        Reminds me of when she was in Super.

  3. I think the next Uncharted could be next gen…maybe (i hope/doubt it). Not into zombie/creature survival games that much unfortunately otherwise id be all over this

    • It would make sense, they really can’t push the PS3 more and the series needs a break. Uncharted 4 would be the perfect launch title for a PS4 in 2014.

    • ND don’t usually carry on franchises to the next gen.

    • Uncharted’s not dead, Sony wont let ND kill it off. I don’t have any doubt that there will be more Uncharted next gen. But I am glad it’s going on a hiatus, three games in one generation is enough and this will help it feel fresh.

      I’m not a big fan of Zombie-games either, but this looked amazing and it’s ND, so I have good hopes for this.

      • “ND don’t usually carry on franchises to the next gen”

        That’s true but they have ever really developed a series as successful as Uncharted before. I know Crash and Jak and Daxter (or whatever it was called) were popular but Uncharted is a whole new level of success. Not to metion they are 1st party developers now, I doubt Sony are just going to let, what must be, their most successful exclusive franchise die just becayse they moved on to a new generation. Plus, like others have said, Uncharted 4 would be the perfect lauch title for the PS4.

        On the topic of this game, it looks nice. But then that is nothing new there. ND’s stuff usualy does. There was no idication of gameplay – other than that enemies will probably be fast. And another Zombie game is not really anything that excites me to be honest. The genre has been done to living death.

  4. Could this be a second team at Naughty Dog working on this, or do we think it’s the Uncharted team?

    • Confirmed to be a second team.

    • Does Naughty Dog even have more then one team?

      if so then its possible.

      • They might now.. Hired one just for this? Or expanded and split the original team.

      • ND are a Sony 1st party studio. There is plenty of sharing between studios.

        The credits for the Uncharted series list SCE Japan, Sony Santa Monica, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch Productions, Media Molecule, Zipper Interactive, Incognito Games, and Bungie under “Thanks” in addition to the above. Insomniac has also stated that Sony’s first-party developers are coming together and sharing technology and ideas.

    • That was great! Do we dare hope that someone is about to try and make a game of something that resembles the Dead Island trailer – packed with emotion, great acting, heartbreaking moments and incredible action? I sure ****ing hope so!

      • That’s exactly what i thought, and from Naughty dog’s amazing talent for storytelling and getting emotion across and make us care about their characters, this could be a stunning and emotional story. I wonder if it’s a father/daughter relationship?

  5. Well that’s certainly piqued my interest. Kinda like the film “The Road” except different, but similar. I don’t know. I look forward to hearing more details about this as they’re released.

    • I was thinking it looked more like I Am Legend. I don’t know why but North Nolan’s voice with this character doesn’t sit right with me. I suppose I relate him so much with Uncharted it’s weird not looking at Drake when I hear him talk.

      • I agree on both accounts actually, it seems to me to be like a crossover between I am Legend, and The road thinking now. I agree about the voice work.

      • I found the voice to be different enough to not have it remind me of Nate.

      • It’s not Nolan, it’s Troy Baker (who I think does the voice for the protagonist in Bioshock Infinite aswell).!/jmpaul/status/145788166954164224

  6. Is it me or does the girl look exactly like… er.. Juno chick. The one who was in Inception.

  7. If that’s real time rendered on a PS3 and not just a pre-rendered video played on one, there’s no need for a PS4 for quite some time. That looked truly fantastic and next gen like IMO. But so did UC2 and 3 compared to most games this gen. Hats off to Naughty Dog.

    • It’s realtime rendered.

      Of course there is no need for a PS4 yet. However Microsoft will be shortcutting again this gen and again forcing Sony’s hand in the matter. The only losers of course are gamers, who have to fork out for more hardware because of Microsoft’s greed.

      • I know it is, I was trying to make a point.
        But you are absolutely right, although I do feel Nintendo is pushing for a next gen more than Microsoft ATM.
        I just hope next gen hardware is quality-built right from the start, because I fear strong launch titles will make me get a PS4 early on.

  8. The Last Of Us is the Uk’s top trend on Twitter atm

  9. So literally I Am Legend: The Game? Cool.

    • Thats what it reminded me off! this looks awesome and with ND at the helm it will be fantastic

  10. looking good, and with ND behind the game it couldn’t be better!
    But zombies again :s

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