Little Deviants Gets a New Trailer

A new trailer has been released for upcoming Vita game, Little Deviants. The game features a series of playable events, which see you protect the Little Deviants from the evil Botz.

I had a brief go with the game a couple of weeks ago, and it certainly does use every one of the Vita’s features! It will be interesting to see if Big Big Studios can keep the game feeling fresh for the duration.

Source: YouTube



  1. Was sat with one of the devs at e3 playing this but barely managed more than 15 minutes. By then I’d lost my voice and was dying from sleep depravation. I also sneezed on the Vita.

    • Well, at least they wont forget TSA ay :/

  2. It looks like fun, and the visuals are nice. But I fear it might end up feeling like just a collection of shovelware-ish minigames.

    • That’s what it looked like to me.

      • That’s what it is, but I was gonna say that I hoped it didn’t just feel like a random mix match of minigames. Even if that’s what happens; hopefully they’re at least fun to play

      • It is, It’s launch stuff to show what the vita can do. Still looks pretty fun though, and I can’t wait for the vita in general now.

    • As long as its fun its all good.

  3. Give it sound time and all the games would have been recreated on the vita version of LBP ;)

  4. Really hope that this is not all BIG big Studios are woring on :/ It looks like a fun game with some mini games. But they have done MS:Artic Edge after all and hopefully they are working on something more.

  5. It certainly looks to show off all the Vita functions but not something that will tempt me.

  6. I think one way to look at it is that, for the most part, portable gaming is done in smaller chunks and this could be good to dip in and out for 10-15mins at a time. If you sit and play this for 8 hours them perhaps that’s missing the point.

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