Skyrim Tops UK Sales Charts

Bethesda’s Skyrim has finally topped the UK sales charts, outing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 after a month.

The news comes after retailers heavily discounted the game, which is now routinely found for around £25-£30 in most high street stores, with lots of TV promotion thrown in.  Amazon is selling the game for a penny under £22.50.


The chart below shows week on week percentages, showing just how much difference a price drop can make.

1. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda) +145%
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Activision) -7%
3. Just Dance 3 (Ubisoft) +67%
4. FIFA 12 (Electronic Arts) +24%
5. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (Ubisoft) -5%
6. Battlefield 3 (Electronic Arts) +30%
7. Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call (Nintendo) +5%
8. Saints Row: The Third (THQ) -2%
9. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (SCE UK) +81%
10. Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo) -1%

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Uncharted’s back up there in the top ten, too, great news for one of the best games this year.

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  1. I’m glad I avoided Skyrim, I have several close friends who have told me of many game-breaking bugs. Seeing as the Dragons have been a huge part of the advertising, them flying backwards is pretty poor. I actually wouldn’t buy it for a tenner now, although some previous Fallout bugs may have also contributed to my decision. It seems that even with the ability to patch these days, some games remain broken – no consumer care.

    • I’m level 25 now and have played for 30 hours or so. No bugs so far and the best gaming experience in a long time.

      • That’s good, although I know my luck I’d get all the bugs! Also, having a young son, my gaming time is precious so I almost can’t afford to take the risk of putting time into something that may get lost/corrupted, even if there’s just a small chance. :(

      • ive just hit level of 50 with 100+ hours. after about level 30 it just goes down hill from there but after level 30 i had at least 65% trophies. I’m now 5 away from my Plat (4 of which are main quests) but had i have not played so much before the game decided to litterally go from being fine to broken in the space of one level, i would have bumped it off long ago!!

      • same as you Klart but level 30 and about 40 hours +. Theonly problem i had was lag, which was then fixed. All good for me and no backwards Dragons yet.

    • Its not so bad… but with limited memory or tech on the PS3 or Xbox.. it would be a bit tough I guess to lessen bugs in a huge open world.

      • Yeah, I hear it’s great on PC.

      • @Youles It’s a different experience on a decent PC, the biggest plus for me is almost instant area transitions entering and exiting buildings – on the PS3 I found myself cursing if I accidentally opened the wrong door because it took so fecking *long* to load the next area. It breaks the immersion :(

      • Maybe I’ll save the experience then for when/if I get a decent PC! :)

      • Yeah the pc is much quicker whenever it loads sometimes in Skyrim, I’ve just ended up getting a few games that I would’ve got on PS3, its so much smoother in a way.

    • I just got the platinum on this yesterday after silly amounts of hours and apart from the lagging and occasional freeze (mainly during area transitions) it’s been fine. No backwards flying dragons here…
      After level 30 or so, it lags so badly it becomes a slideshow if playing for more than a couple of hour straight – rebooting the PS3 and reloading fixes that for another couple of hours. Repeat etc.
      On balance the PS3 experience was worth it, but now I’ve got the plat I’m trading it and going back to the PC version.

      • Same as McProley – hit problems at level 30. It’s good the reloading helps, but far from ideal. I guess by the time you hit level 30, the Save File is quite big in size?

      • 14Mb, about the same size as my Fallout:NV save with much the same problems…

  2. Would be interested to see how the proce drop effects overall revenue. Its all fine and good if you double your sales of a game but how much profit is made on the games once you drop the price (by 50% in some cases).

    • I may be wrong but if I buy a game off Bethesda (or whoever) for £20 and reduce the rrp to £25 dont the publishers get the same amount, it’s just the retail that lose revenue?

      • No that is wrong. Retailers only make 2-3 quid per 40 quid sale. The price drop decision comes from the publishers, so if they knock it down to 20 the retailer only has to give 17-18 quid to them. Same profit for retailer either way.

  3. Great to see Skyrim topping MW3.

  4. I’ve been utterly baffled by all the talk of Skyrim bugs. I have seen a Mammoth fall from the sky, a dragon freeze and become invincible and I was probably subject to the texture issues on 360 but aside from that, not a single serious issue with it on 360. In fifty hours… Certainly a better bug-to-time ratio than many other games I’ve played this generation.
    For example, Uncharted 3 has crashed twice and hard frozen once in the three or four hours I’ve played of it. Killzone 2 hard froze four times in exactly the same place before I gave up with it.
    I must just be incredibly lucky with Skyrim, I guess.

    • I admit its much less buggy that Fallout but when it does feck up, it does quite badly. As my Dragons fly backwards and never land, I cant kill them. Which kinda screws the game.

      • Have you tried using ranged attacks Tuffcub? You could try reinstalling the game and the patch to see if it will fix it.

        It seems that the Elder Scrolls traditon of bugs has caught up with Skyrim. ;)

      • I seem to have hit lucky too, I’ve seen a dragon fly backwards but managed to kill it with ranged attacks and since then they have all flown fine.

      • Dragonrend doesnt work?

      • I’m a battlemage. I dont do bows and arrows! RAWR!

    • No problems for me either on PC with over 50 hours, seems the problem is PS3 centric and then pretty limited to the lag issue and some people having backwards flying dragons. Most other games that I have played have way more bugs than Skyrim.

  5. Whoa I thought it’d be after Christmas not before. Well done Bethesda. Can’t wait for my Skyrim on Christmas ^^

  6. Holy dragonborn! I did not expect this to happen. Skyrim topping MW3. :O I’m surprised that it’s taken a month before MW3 got knocked down to number 2. I think i may be able to get Skyrim this week if i’m lucky. :D

    • Hope it beats MW3 for Xmas charts but then again I bet its back at no. 1, anyway I don’t care, charts are so silly.

      • Not all charts are silly. I find Pie charts to be very nice to eat.

      • I hope but I don’t care.

        Make up your mind. Do you give a shit or not?

  7. I bought it 20 minutes ago for 22 quid from gamestation. I really couldn’t afford it but couldn’t resist at that price. My brother has put silly hours into it on ps3 and reported zero bugs so here’s hoping. Now I’ve just got to find 300 hours!

  8. I simply can’t get into the game, maybe I’m missing something that the many legions of praise singers found instantly but I just can’t seem to get on with it. Then again, the same is true for oblivion and fallout so it’s no surprise really.

    • Strangely for me I didnt like Oblivion and Fallout. Oblivion lasted 30 hours before giving up with the buggy mess and Fallout lasted a fraction of that.

      Skyrim however has me hooked.

  9. Great news for Bethesda. Yes it’s quite buggy, but the overall game is sublime. I’m 70hrs in and haven’t come across any bugs/glitches that others have. Maybe I’m just lucky too.

  10. I’ve been watching the Mrs play Skyrim. I don’t mind watching her play it for a short while but I get so bored. Plus (like zombies) i’m not a massive fan of this kind of setting.

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