The Last Of Us Demoed To Press Today

[videoyoutube]Over in Los Angeles, the world’s press are getting the first real details of Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us in a special invite-only event that, sadly, we missed out on.

However, in addition to the information we went over yesterday, we’re hoping for the first real gameplay details and hopefully some kind of backstory to the trailer we’ve seen so many times.


As with events like this there’s more than likely an NDA in place, although that hasn’t stopped sites (and writers) leaking stuff in the past, for good or bad.

Naughty Dog’s Christophe Balestra has hinted that there’s lots of clues in that trailer – see the video on this page for a brief interview with the two co-presidents.

We don’t think there’s anything major (although we assumed the same about Uncharted 3) but let us know if you can see anything, and we’ll be back if anything appears from LA.



  1. shoot the ‘arty’ cameraman…

  2. really want to know more about this game but if its got that story driven vibe might end up avoiding it just in case of the spoilers. Right now I’d like to see some gameplay if anything

    • I think that I will be avoiding all trailers etc. etc.
      I’ll just buy the most expensive special edition with a pre-order.

  3. Hopefully something leeks purely because I’m greedy and I want to see some gameplay!

  4. Can’t wait – For no reason other than Naughty Dog.

  5. Naughty Dog may be at the helm, but I haven’t let that VGA teaser go to my head. We’ve already had a first person meaty zombie survival game this year (Dead Island) and even with a deep narrative it still wouldn’t have got much more than an 8 at max.

    That’s not to say I’m doubtful.

    • To be fair, I really doubt this is going to be first person given the efforts in animation Naughty Dog are achieving so I would doubt they’d ‘waste it’ in a sense by going first-person.

      Personally, I’ve already let the marketing buzz get to me :P Can’t help it with Naughty Dog, superb aesthetics, interesting information from what we ‘know’ so far and potential for the game.


    • I don’t think Dead Island is really comparable, unless ND take the game open world. I mean, yes, it has zombies, and TLOU will also have Zombie type things, but beyond that?

      I wouldn’t like comparing Just Cause 2 with Uncharted, simply because they’re both have big jungly areas and feature a plane at some point.

      The one thing that’s certain, though, is that ND can deliver on what was shown in that trailer, whilst the reveal for Dead Island? Not a hope in hell.

  6. I love Naughty Dog, but I’m not sure I can stand hearing James Sutherland form Silent Hill HD Collection (not the original, the new Silent Hill 2 HD voices are terrible) as one of the main protagonists. Then again, he also plays Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite, and I’m certainly buying that game.
    And I love Naughty Dog, so I’ll get this game, no matter what.
    Although I still want my Uncharted X: Team Racing…
    And did I mention I love Naughty Dog?

  7. It’s funny how ‘internet people’ slag off Zombies now(yeah but ‘are’ they Zombies tho anyway? in the game)but as soon as a ‘COD:MW3 DLC’ Zombie pack comes out they will be all downloading it in a second! :D

    + Why isn’t this ‘News’ or any other ‘SONY’ News in the ‘SONY’ bit of this site yet? It hasn’t been updated for a few days(unless there is something wrong with my internet thingy LoL)

    • Zombies is a treyarch thing, won’t be appearing in mw3 since its not treyarch.

  8. Some official details would be nice, the trailer doesn’t give too much away in terms of how it’s going to play out. Interesting ‘I AM LEGEND’ premis though, looking forward to hearing more about it.

    • Yeah, I love the idea of having a city partially reclaimed by nature as a setting. I hope this isn’t quite as linear as Uncharted, I want to explore!

  9. I hope for some co-op in this game. If its anything like the uc titles then I’m interested.

    • This is certainly a game that has the potential to feature story coop because even in the trailer when they teamed up to kill that zombie the girl said that it’s always the same routine. I guess he lures out the zombies and she hides and then sneaks up on them for the kill. I can only imagine that there will be a point ion the story where the protagonists get separated or something bad happens to one of them which would get in the way of coop but it would make the story more intense, which I think is the way Naughty Dog is aiming for with this game.

      Anyways, I’m really looking forward to this. Naughty Dog is very talented and makes great games, which they proved with Uncharted but I’m glad that they are doing something fresh instead of Unchrated 4. I really like the series but I think it’s getting boring now. Give it some rest, if you want to bring it back. I wouldn’t mind another one somewhere down the road but right now, TLOU is definitely higher on my list.

  10. wondering what could the other half of the team who worked on uncharted 3 doing now? uncharted 4 for 2013 I guess, I LOVE NAUGTY DOG, they are the best.

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