Final Fantasy Type-0 Gets Second Analogue Stick Upgrade On Vita

The PSP only has one analogue stick. The PSVita has two.

The Vita can play PSP games, so what if there was a way for a PSP game to benefit from the Vita’s extra analogue stick?


Well, I’m glad that I asked that question, because Square Enix has announced that if you play PSP game Final Fantasy Type-0 on a Vita system you can use the second analogue stick for camera control.

Type-0 director Hajime Tabata told an audience at a Square-Enix event in Japan that using the right analogue stick “ups the playability” of the portable title.

The game’s multiplayer won’t be a problem on the Vita either, with a Square-Enix representative confirming that it will work just fine.

This news isn’t exactly going to be the most exciting thing you’ve read all day, but at least it’s encouraging news that some PSP titles might get an extra lease of life on the Vita with a second analogue stick for camera control, especially considering how woefully inept it could be on the PSP itself.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Throw in trophy support and I’ll bite.

    • I was just thinking the same thing ;)

  2. All PSP games can make use of the second stick- we can change the controls similar to way PSP can to PS1 Classics.
    Read that on the EU blog, somewhere…

    • I found my source! (In the comments section, where the SCEE team always seem to leave the best news)
      “Posted on 29 November, 2011 at 11:32 am by James Gallagher
      1. Yes, that’s right.
      2. Not all PS3 downloadable games will work, but minis, PSone classics and PSP games that you have downloaded from the Store will work just fine (and look great).
      One cool thing that not everyone knows is that you can change the controls on downloadable PSP games, meaning you can play Resistance Retribution with the two analog sticks, for example.”

      Also, this seems to imply that there are some PS3 games that WILL work on Vita? Interesting…

      • Yeah, right, PSOne classics my –s. I guess you can safely disregard the whole sentence now

  3. I totally forgot about FF Type 0. Now I’m happy that I’ll be able to play it at some point, when I decide to get the Vita

    • Same here. I thought I’d miss it. I actually didn’t know that the Vita is completely backwards compatible to the PSP so this is great news to me. There are a few games that I missed because I sold my PSP.

  4. is it proper support or just mapping the second stick to the face buttons or the dpad?

    • That much isn’t clear, but if they’re announcing it, you’d hope it’d be proper support.

    • I wonder if there’s much actual difference.

  5. That’s nice. Do we know if PSP-games will be upscaled, stretched or letterbox’ed when played on the Vita?

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