Gotham City Impostors Gets a New Trailer

I’ve never really been sold on the idea of Gotham City Impostors. However, the latest trailer may just have changed my mind. GCI is a 6 V 6 online multiplayer game that sees two factions (one representing The Joker, the other representing Batman) face off against each other.

Rather than the slick fighting we’ve come to expect from Batman, things in GCI are a little more…homemade.

Source: GameFront



  1. TEAM FORTRESS with super heroes
    yay IM IN!!!

    • My thoughts exactly. Might give this a try.

  2. this has really tempted me :D

  3. I was meant to be on the PC beta but stupidly overestimated the grunt of my computer and couldn’t get it up and running. It certainly looks very very team fortress.

  4. This has potential. As long as its balanced, it could become a real cult hit a la Team Fortress.

  5. Is this a PSN title? Or full retail?

    • I suspect it will be full retail, though that is a complete fifty fifty guess!

  6. Just got a beta key from EG, who’ve got PSN & XBLA keys to giveaway… Let’s do a TSA takeover and all get in.

    Looking forward to trying it out

    • Yoink! Done. Though I won’t be home until 5.

    • Done mine yesterday and downloaded it within an hour. Can’t wait to play it!

    • did mine earlier. ready and waiting for thursday.

  7. that is not a Batman game.

    if i know anything about Batman, he’d take those guys down as hard as he does the criminals.
    if not harder, i mean, killing people in his name?
    i hope you’ve got medical insurance. O_O

    it could be good, it could even be amazing, but one thing it will never be is a Batman game.

    i’d have thought warner and dc would care more about their properties, but they, warner at least, have shown greed is a more important factor in their decision making lately.

    and if i want to play that game, i can just play TF2 for free on steam.

  8. 6vs6 is a bit weak. I was hoping for it to do 8vs8.

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