Modern Warfare Master Participants

The return of Modern Warfare Master was announced last week, and it’s good to see everyone that entered has got a place. In fact there are still some places left if anyone wants to join in. Just get in touch to register your interest as soon as you can.

Without further ado, here is the full list of participants:


  • Gazzagb (Host)
  • SpikeyMikey23
  • Brendancalls
  • TheTechMaster (rolosdk)
  • DeathByNumbers
  • Michi (Michi-Tomoko_G3)
  • Death_in_Flamez
  • RyanHarris19 (GrAnGeGaNgStA)
  • Bambo_19
  • Yiddo (yiddo93)
  • THLNetwork (Tomhlord)
  • bigmac175
  • Grey_Ghost13
  • Youles
  • McProley
  • thevader (gamer0808)

I’ll be sending out invites on PSN shortly, although I think I’ve already got some of you.

Just a reminder that the competition is tomorrow night, Wednesday 14th at 8PM GMT. Please try to be on time as we’ll aim to start the first game at around 10 past. I’ll invite everyone to a text chat too, so don’t worry if you haven’t got a headset.

In the announcement post I left a couple of the plans a bit open ended, just in case people had some cool ideas for me to integrate. After looking at a few suggestions, this is how the competition will run. There are a couple of changes to the announcement, and lots of new intel to fill in the gaps.

The modes and maps will be as follows:

  • Gun Game – Underground
  • One in the Chamber – Dome
  • Free For All – Hardhat

Now for some of the specifics of each mode.

Gun Game: For those of you that are unfamiliar with this mode, you must simply get a kill with each gun to progress to the next gun. If you melee someone with your knife, they will be ‘humiliated’ and demoted one gun. Once someone gets a kill with each gun, the game ends. The person with the highest score at the end wins.

The guns will be the Five Seven (Handgun); Desert Eagle (Handgun); G18 (Machine Pistol); AA-12 (Shotgun); MP9 (Machine Pistol); Model 1887 (Shotgun); TYPE 95 (Assault Rifle); PP90M1 (SMG); MP7 (SMG); AK-47 (Assault Rifle); M60E4 (LMG); M4A1 (Assault Rifle); Riot Shield; CM901 (Assault Rifle); AS50 (Sniper Rifle); MSR (Sniper Rifle); ACR 6.8 (Assault Rifle); RPG-7.

One in the Chamber: You start with a Five Seven handgun with one bullet. Kill someone, and you will be rewarded with another bullet.  Remember you can stockpile bullets by knifing people. You have 3 lives. The person with the highest score at the end wins, do don’t just camp it out until the very end!

Free For All: A standard deathmatch, however Killstreaks are restricted to the traditional UAV, Predator Missile and Precision Airstrike from the Assault Strike Package. First player to 3000 points wins. ‘Juiced’ will be the only Deathstreak allowed. There are no restrictions for any of the guns, attachments, proficiencies or perks.

The overall winner will be the person who has the highest score out of the 3 games combined. They will be declared TSA’s Modern Warfare Master, and will receive the £20 Insert Coin Clothing Voucher.

As I said, there are still a few spaces left, so if you wish to join, email gazza[at] with the subject “Modern Warfare Master”, including both your PSN ID and TSA ID.

That’s it, I’ll see you there. Lock and load!

This competition and post have been dominated by an AC-130 Gunship. Gazzagb was the man in charge of payload delivery.



  1. Good Luck all!

  2. I’m not on the list :(

    • Nor me, it’s because they know I’m too good :p

      • Well, as the article said, there’s a few spaces left, so you could still play.
        Or do you mean that your entry email got lost? :S

      • I had confirmation that I was in, I just think gazzagb doesn’t like losing ;)

      • Just turn up and kick his posterior! Must just be a mix up. Sorry about that!

      • yeah, i had a conformation PM from him this morning. he must have for got. i might cry…

      • Ha ha, that’s okay, so long as I’m included that’s fine! I’m a TSA Meet noob so it’ll be my first one!

      • It may have been that this article was submitted last night so there may not have been time to edit it before it went live with your names. We’ll update the list asap :).

      • Honestly, it’s no bother :)

      • Sorry guys, both of you are in, I just forgot to add you to the list when I sent the post to Teflon. Sorry again!

      • No worries! Thanks gazz and AG

      • Cheers!

  3. one assumes we will play this on the inferior console..

    • You’re right! They ARE playing on PS3. Trolololol-ing the trolololols.

  4. 100 points on Gazza to win, need more points despite the loss on F1 *Shakes fist at Manorhowze*

  5. I’m going to destroy you all………. …. …

    • Get ready to catch my bullets! (Or bullet, in the case of One in the Chamber).

      Btw – clan now has 61 members, think we got 10 yesterday! :O

      • Haha, I’m not great at the single player – on your todd games so I don’t expect to do well. Stick me in a team deathmatch though and your getting teabagged ;) haha

        That is awesome. Cant wait to get some (non-laggy) clan action.

      • Well done on the recruiting mate!

      • I think I’ll suck, it would be typical to have one of those games where it spawns you infront of everyone! So long as I’m not the final killcam, lol. :) We should post links to those….although doubt the upload service is working yet!

        Same, I prefer a team based game – I mainly play Domination.

        Cheers McProley – well want to enter some Clan events, think we’ll do ok. Seem to have a variety of players from who I’ve played with, and we’ve won the majority of games when playing together.

      • Yeah, We had some good games the other week. only lost one. still makes me chuckle: “Fuuuuuuuuccccckkkk!!”

      • Yeah, that reaction was proper funny!

  6. Aw, wish I was playing. I’m really good at this*

    *In my mind anyway.

  7. Awesome, I’ll be happy with a decent performance. Just to avoid embarrassment will be my goal ha!! ;-)

  8. All invites have been sent out guys and I’ve sent messages to the two Mr Popular’s with full friends lists!

    • Pot. Kettle. Black. I couldn’t send you an invite a while back, Mr Popular :)

  9. Gazzagb is going to lose as hes the host and will get hit with lag compensation.

    • Doesn’t matter, I can’t win the prize anyway! The new patch is meant to fix host disadvantage, but I’m not too bothered as long as it’s a laugh!

  10. I’m so jealous, these are some of my favorite maps and game modes!

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